Unified Communications Working Group
  Chair : Bill Efthimiou [ bill.efthimiou@aarnet.edu.au ]
  SIP peering co-ordinator : Nimal Ratnayake [ nimalr@learn.ac.lk ]
  Mailing List : uc@apan.net
  Unified Communications Working Group Charter
  Voice and Video communications have been growing within Research and Education institutions for several years, based on the H.323 and SIP protocols.

  SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the IETF standard for the establishment of multimedia sessions. These sessions might be used for audio, video, instant messaging or other real-time data communications sessions.

  This Working Group aims to help coordinate efforts in APAN towards the development and establishment of Unified Communications as an efficient and effective communications technology, and to inform and educate potential users about the technology.

  Activities of the Working Group will be designed to promote discussion, foster the sharing of information, encourage testing and development of technologies and applications, and promote international collaborations.

  Goals of the Unified Communications Working Group :
  1. Assist in Development of SIP in APAN Members
  2. Tutorials to build SIP servers, identify and involve local organisations at the APAN Meetings.
  3. Maintain Web page on APAN Unified Communications Working Group
  4. Co-ordinate SIP Peering between Members and Internationally
  5. Co-ordinate investigations by APAN members into signaling related protocols, such as SIP, H.323, XMPP, etc.
  6. Co-ordinate H.323 peering (Gatekeeper peering within APAN and Internationally)
  7. Studies into the interworking of signaling protocols as well as other multimedia related/supporting infrastructures, such as ENUM
  8. Co-ordinate Services, such as sharing ISDN Gateways and MCU/Conference Servers.
  9. Promote QoS between Members and Countries, and Liaise as appropriate.
  Example activities :
  • Tutorials/Workshops
  • Trials and demonstrations to raise awareness
  • Liaison with other organisations and working groups
  • Exploration of network design issues
  • Promotion of emerging applications
  Relationships with other organisations/working groups

  Establish relationships with similar organisations and with other Working Groups to collaborate on new developments in communications technology.


  Subscribe and contribute to the Unified Communications WG email list.

  Attend the APAN Meetings, either in person or via Video Conferencing using SIP and or H.323.

  Get involved with one of the projects, or suggest a new one.

  Member Projects

  Please feel free to submit details of projects that your member organisation is working on. The working group aims to develop a spirit of co-operation amongst APAN members who are working with H.323 and SIP for the mutual benefit of all participants.

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