e-Culture Working Group
  Chair : Faridah Noor Mohd, Noor [ faridahn at gmail.com ], University of Malaya, Malaysia
  Co-Chairs : Goo BonCheol, [ mgtech at kaist.ac.kr ] KAIST, Korea
  Co-Chairs : Andrew Howard [ andrew.howard at anu.edu.au ], ANU, Austrailia
  Mailing List : eculture@apan.net
  How to subscribe : https://master.apan.net/mailman/listinfo/eculture
  Introduction :
  The development of ICT, Information and Communication Technology, transformed the world. Before the middle of the 90s in which the Internet became popular, the ICT was for the limited number of professionals. But now, we cannot talk about anything without mentioning to ICT in all disciplines, economics, politics, sociology, you name it. Almost all of us benefit from ICT. ICT has changed all walks of life, not just the limited number of professionals, but everyone. Consequently, putting too much emphasis on the technology is not adequate and may be even dangerous in that it might lead to overlook the importance of human aspects. For example, in the disaster prevention, we have to consider the victims behavior and state of mind that are closely related to their culture. It is also very important to think of people's preference, customs, or folkways in other areas like Agriculture, Digital Asia, and The fields of Multi-Language Handling. Much attention needs to be paid to Cultural Issues. That is, even in the technology-oriented fields, the cultural issues should be taken into account. The eCulture in APAN undertake a role to make the research and education more active in Asia-Pacific region through applying ICT to Humanities and Social Sciences, and will provide the fruitful outcomes to the societies at large.
  Objectives :
  1. Sharing information about new technologies to visualize a cultural phenomenon spatially and/or chronologically, e.g. GIS applications
  2. Sharing Experiences; providing case studies which use the above-mentioned technologies
  3. Communication with other members about e-resources (systems) scattered among member countries, and about aggregation methods including interoperability and meta-data, etc
  4. Encouraging academics in Humanities and Social Sciences to make proposals for taking full advantage of ICT
  5. Information Sharing about the social changes in member countries along with the development of network infrastructure; e.g. Sub-Culture peculiar on the Net
  6. Discussions on the impact of globalization and localization
  7. Exploring the possibility of cultural database in Asia-Pacific region Milestones / Actions
  Milestones :
  1. 2006.01 the proposal to setup eCulture Working Group was formally approved.
  2. 2005.11 presentation at the 2005 PNC conference in Hawaii to introduce the APAN eCulture
  3. 2005.08 eCulture Workshop (2 sessions & BOF) in Taipei 2004 meeting.
  4. 2005.01 eCulture Workgroup (2 sessions) in Bangkok 2004 meeting.
  5. 2004.07 Formally started eCulture BOF in Cairns 2003 meeting.
  6. 2004.01 After Hawaii meeting, a proposal for eCulture was made among Natural Resource WG.
  Documents: WG Charter V1.0 dated on Jan 23, 2006.
  Contact to Takaharu Kameoka / Mie University [ kameoka@mie-u.ac.jp ]

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