Identity and Access Management Working Group
  Chair : Motonori Nakamura [ motonori AT nii.ac.jp ]
  Co-chair : Nate Klingenstein [ ndk AT internet2.edu ]
  Secretariat : Kazutsuna Yamaji [ yamaji AT nii.ac.jp ]
  Mailing List : middleware@apan.net
  Work Plan
  The objectives of the APAN Identity and Access Management Working group are as follows :
  • Share best practice of middleware solutions and document use case scenarios to better understand middleware scope and use within the APAN region through the IAM working group mailing list.
  • Assist APAN members with middleware issues.
  • Develop a picture of middleware deployments in the APAN region and assess the feasibility and timeliness of a regional federation test bed for middleware.
  The current status of the working group milestones are as follows :
  No.   Milestones/Actions   Deadline
  1.   Add members to the APAN IAM mailing list   Completed
  2.   Collect information on middleware developments from each APAN member and place on the APAN IAM working group webpage   Completed
  3.   Develop a workshop for Identity Access Management in GRID environments for the next APAN meeting   Completed
  4.   Identify and assess current middleware solutions   Ongoing
  5.   Identify and assess the “federation” model and make recommendations       Ongoing
  6.   Work in partnership with the APAN Grid Committee to deliver workshops on Grid Middleware   Ongoing

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