Task Forces
Task Forces are groups of individuals tasked with achieving a particular outcome, tackling a particular problem, over a specific period of time. In the context of APAN, Task Forces are expected to support outcomes in the interests of APAN members and the communities that they support. Some Task Forces may support planning for a particular Working Group, or support the development of a major demonstration/event, while others may tackle more strategic issues for APAN as a whole. Participation is open to any interested parties who can bring expertise, enthusiasm, resources or other benefits to the Task Force.
Please read the draft Task Forces Overview for more details.
Proposals for Task Forces can come from any interested party, and are submitted to sec AT apan.net for processing.
A proposal for a Task Force must provide the following information:
  • A topic/title
  • A brief description, including the scope of activities (or terms of reference)
  • A set of defined, measurable outcomes, including delivery dates
  • A proposed chair
  • A list of the initial participants and who else may be interested/involved.
  • What, if any, support the Task Force may require from APAN or any members
Any questions or comments about APAN Task Forces can be sent to the APAN General Manager general-manager AT apan.net .
Last Updated: 04 Mar 2015

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