Backbone Committee
  Chair :                  Dae Young KIM   [ dykim at cnu.ac.kr ]
  Deputy Chair:      Jilong WANG   [ wjl at cernet.edu.cn ]
  Secretariat:         Seung Hae KIM   [ shkim at kisti.re.kr ]

                               Jae Hwa LEE   [ jhlee at kr.apan.net ]

  Mailing List :        backbone@apan.net [Subscribe]
  The APAN Backbone Committee (BBC), it is to oversee and coordinate the development of the APAN backbone links in the region and to come up with a strategic plan for advancement of the e-infrastructure to benefit its member economies. To this end, BBC meets at every APAN Conference to receive update briefs from involved entities and to discuss strategies ahead.
  It is to be noted that APAN NOC, another very important group in APAN, holds the Network Engineering Workshop(NEW) at every APAN conference. The focus of BBC would be on 'connectivities' and strategic planning side of the APAN links whereas NOC and NEW would take care of the engineering side.
   Deliverables :
  • Survey of APAN links

    • to be continuously accumulated and maintained by the BBC SEC

    • joined by Brent Sweeny(IU)

  • Strategic plan of the APAN backbone

    • moral obligation of the chair and the deputy chair

    • championed by George McLauglin

   Meetings :
  • 2011.8.26      Delhi, India at APAN32

   More information :
  • Please visit APAN.net for APAN meetings

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