Title Strategy Committee Meeting
Chair Lawrence Wong
Expected No. of Participants 30
Meeting Minutes

[Draft] Minutes of the Strategy Committee Meeting
Date: 23 Jan, 2007
Time: 12:30-14:00
Place: 23rd APAN meeting, Manila Philippines
Chair: Prof. Lawrence

Attendance: Lawrence Wong, Francis Lee, Shigeki Goto, Kozunori Konishi, George McLaughlin, Vimolrat, Pujan, BK Kim

1. APAN Custody Account-

  • Lawrence would propose a motion in the Council meeting to explore setting up a custody account that gives a better management of finances by APAN Executives and reduction in tax burden.
  • We have to alert committee members about these matters.
  • We should investigate the possibilities.

2. Relationship with TEIN Organization-

  • LW would propose a motion, on behalf of TEIN TFT, to get support from Council to have close cooperation between APAN and TEIN Organization
  • There should be mutual representations in board members between APAN Organization and TEIN Organization.

3. APAN Legal Entity-

  • No clear solution is available.
  • It is preferred that the APAN legal entity is set up in Asia. To continue to explore suitable options to form a non-profit organization based in Asia.

4. No Other Business

Minutes Prepared by: Pujan
Minutes Vetted by: Lawrence Wong

Remarks -

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