Title Routing Co-ordination Workshop
Chair Akira Kato
Objective To discuss the routing coordination scheme, methodology, and possible tools for APAN and related networks.
Target Audience Routing Engineers, Routing Researchers
Expected No. of Participants 50

1. Lessons Learned TEIN2 and CERNET Speaker: Xing Li

2. AARNet Network Update Speaker: Bruce Morgan

3. EAC Cable Network Speaker:

4. AI3at APAN 23 Speaker: ?

5. Link Status & Efforts Speaker: Kozunori Konishi

6. Routing Coordination Speaker: Akira Kato

7. Update for CSTNET Speaker: Zhang Qinghua


Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) Coordination with Engineering / NOC workshop will be done to minimize the duplication.

Last Updated 28 Jan 2007