Title Lambda Networking BoF
Chair Akira Kato and Jysoo Lee
Objective update on Lambda Networking, sharing of experiences and to generate enough momentum towards lambda networking in the region
Target Audience those engaged, or interested in lambda networking. Network engineers, designers, and managers of national research networks
Expected No. of Participants 30
Session Chair & Speakers 1. Title: T-Lex Update
Speaker: Akira Kato (Univ. of Tokyo)

2. Title: TWAREN Update
Speaker: Te-Lung Liu (NCHC)

3. Title: KRLight and GLORIAD
Speaker: Minsun Lee (KISTI)
Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) LCD Projector, wireless Internet access, enough power strips to accomodate the number of laptops expected

Last Updated 28 Jan 2007