Title IPv6 Task Workshop
Chair Yan MA, Hiroshi Esaki, SY LEE
Objective Share Information about the IPv6 technology, deployment, operation and migration among participants.
Target Audience Researcher, Application Developers, NOC folks
Expected No. of Participants 50
Session Chair & Speakers

1100-1230 IPv6 Activities in APAN community
Session Chair: Jianping WU

1. Title: Update report on IPv6
Speaker: Bruce Morgan / APAN-AU

2. Title: IPv6 Deployment Status in Korea
Speaker: Jaehwa Lee (Remote), ANF/APAN-KR

3. Title: Status of IPv6 activities in Thailand
Speaker: Panita Pongpaibool, Ph.D / NECTEC, Thailand IPv6 Forum

4. Title: IPv6 infrastructure deployment and applications development in Taiwan
Speaker: Eugene Yeh / APAN-TW

5. Title: Some updates in Japan
Speakers: Akira Kato, WIDE project
Katsuyuki Hasebe, NICT

Panel Discussion:

1230-1330 Lunch

1400-17:30 IPv6 Technology and Applications Development of APAN members

Session Chair: Yan MA

1. Title: the Update of IPv6 activities in Internet2
Speaker: Heather BOYLES /Internet2

2. Title: CNGI Application in CSTNet
Speaker: Qinghua ZHANG, CSTNET/APAN-CN

3. Title: IPv6 in ERNET
Speaker: Dipak Singh, India

4. Title: An update on IPv6 activities in VSNL International
Speaker: Yves Poppe


5. Title: IPv6 Deployment in Malaysia: Current Status & Plan
Speaker: Rahmat Budiarto /APAN-MY

6. Title: IPv6 and IPv6 VPN services over MPLS
Speaker: Mark Williams / Juniper

7. Title: CNGI/CERNET2 update
Speaker: Jilong WANG, CERNET APAN-CN

8. Title: "Dormv6 Experiment - a Pure IPv6 life in School"
Speaker: Louk Chi

Panel Discussion:

Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) TBA

Last Updated 24 Jan 2007