Title e-Science Workshop : Exploring e-Science
Chair Lee Hing Yan & Jon Lau
Objective Sessions for e-Science WG members to present or demonstrate their e-Science projects in their respective countries
Target Audience Researcher, Users, Engineers, & all interested in e-Science activities
Expected No. of Participants 50
Session Chair & Speakers


Presentation Title / Speaker

0900 - 1030

e-Science Activities in Philippines-
Speaker: Dr. Edwin Alcantara (Los Banos Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, University of Philippines)

Modelling Real-World Systems: Theory and Computational Approaches
Speaker: Christopher Monterola (University of Philippines -Diliman campus, Philippines)

Comprehensive network architecture for remote instrumentation and control
Speaker: Carlo Mar Blanca (University of Philippines -Diliman campus, Philippines)

Efficient calculation of computer generated holograms via parallel computing
Speakers: Vincent Ricardo Daria and Andrew Banas (Diliman campus, Philippines)

1030 - 1100

Morning Break

1100 - 1230

In Silico Design of a Avian Influenza Vaccine through the Alteration of Immunodominant Epitopes
Speaker: Carlo Lapid and Eduardo Padlan (University of Philippines -Diliman campus, Philippines)

Computer visualization scheme for efficient analysis of protein mutant matrices
Speakers: Pamela David and Vincent Ricardo Daria (University og Philippines -Diliman campus, Philippines)

Update on e-Science activities in Singapore
Speaker: Hing-Yan Lee (National Grid Office, Singapore)

1230 1400


1400 - 1530

Enabling e-Science Applications:  Experiences of Taiwan
Speaker: Eric Yen (Academic Sinica Computing Center, Taiwan)

Update on e-Science activities in Korea
Speaker: Yeom, Heon Young (Seoul National University, South Korea)

Update on e-Science Activities in Thailand -
Speaker: Putchong Uthayopas (Thai National Grid Office, Thailand)

Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) TBA

Last Updated 12 Feb 2007