Title Backbone Committee Meeting
Chair George McLaughlin
Expected No. of Participants 30


1. report on the TEIN3 Task Force activities and related matters (Prof B-K Kim)

2. Summary of the Strategy Committee's discussions on TEIN2/TEIN3 (Prof Lawrence Wong)

3. Other matters relating to TEIN2/TEIN3 (all)

4. Proposed APAN Compendium survey (Prof Shigeki Goto)

5. New Trans-Pacific, Trans-Europe-Asia and regional cable systems (George McLaughlin)

6. Collaboration among the various regional and global initiaitives moving forward (including TEIN2/TEIN3; the NSF IRNC initiatives; the Japanese-funded initiatives; ORIENT; etc)
Evolution of transoceanic lambdas -A GLIF capacity supplier perspective

Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) -

Last Updated 16 Feb 2007