Title ASTRENA-2 Meeting
Chair Saiful Azmi Haji Husain (ASTRENA Chair and Brunei)
Tan Tin Wee (co-Chair)
Objective Half a day session will also be on progress reports on Proposed ASTRENA projects. Local host will cover room rental for the day, projection system, lunch and two tea breaks. Participants of ASTRENA-2 will come on their own funded by their own organisation.
Target Audience Participants of ASTRENA-2 can also take part in APAN23 conference meetings for US$200 registration fees. Many of ASTRENA-2 participants will also be APAN participants. We are likely to be convening a general council meeting at this ASTRENA-2 event, and decide on membership fees and services and hosting of Secretariat etc.
Expected No. of Participants 20-30
Session Chair & Speakers

ASTRENA-2 Agenda Items
Overview: ASTRENA-APAN meeting which leads to the signing of MOU between ASTRENA and APAN.

1. Introductions

2. ASTRENA organisational structure-General Council consisting representatives of membership Advisory Council consisting of Focal Points nominated by COST/SCIRD
-ASTRENA Secretariat
-ASTRENA Executive Office Bearers

3. Decision items

a. Membership fee for Network Members
b. Membership fee for Institutional Members
c. Defining Charter of ASTRENA to focus on policies, projects, services, coordination to facilitate building ASEAN advanced networking and pioneer research applications and innovations for our research and education communities.
d. Funding mechanism for ASTRENA projects by Membership fees by joint Grant proposals to funding agencies such as IDRC, UNDP, WorldBank etc by contribution in kind by participating countries and their institutions.
e. Policy Document Advisory for National ICT and S&T Ministries and Agencies in ASEAN.
f. Building e-Research and e-Science and e-Education advanced network infrastructure to interconnect ASEAN R&E institutions National Road Maps for building intra-country National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) Network 2020 vision.

4. ASTRENA future proposals and projects

a. ASTRENA-UK(eScience) Session
b. SEAGrid Forum
c. Worldwide Workflow Grid Forum (WWGF)
d. LSGRID 2007
e. ASTRENA-APAN collaboration

5. Any Other Business

Presentation Files

1.Amended_ASTRENA Doc

2.ASEAN project

3.ASTRENA Meeting

4.ASTRENA report

5. ASEAN SCIRD Project

6.Info on ASTRENAv4.1

7.Terms of Ref

Remarks(including Special arrangements if Any) Projection plus PC with audio video facilities. For people who cannot attend the meeting, they can use Skype instead and also give talk in this way.

Last Updated 28 Jan 2007