Medical Workshop
 Chairs Shuji Shimizu (Kyushu University Hospital, Japan)
Ho-Seong Han (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea)
 Objectives Our goal is to establish a medical network with high-quality moving image on a broadband Internet in all Asia-Pacific regions.
In order to expand our WG, it is essential for both medical and engineering people to get together on site and discuss our next strategy. At the same time, we will demonstrate our new and developing systems to our members.
 Target Audience  Medical doctors/Co-medicals /Engineers/Researchers
 Expected # of Participants  60
We will invite medical doctors or local network engineers as speakers from various countries of Asia-Pacific regions. The regions may include Fukuoka, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Hanoi, Ho Chi Min, New Delhi, Mumbai, Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland, etc.
In addition, we will make sessions of live demonstration of advanced medical procedures or video teleconferences, connecting multiple stations in AP, US and Europe.

March 3 (Tue): Lunch time (12:30-14:00): Medical WG Meeting Shimizu/Han
(TH 11:30-13:00, CN / SN/MY 12:30-14:00)
Polycom set-up: Antoku/JP and TW engineers

Discussion about major events ahead
          1) Siriraj Hospital (Thawatchai/TH) Polycom
          2) NUS (Chris/SN) Polycom
          3) Next APAN (Salem /UM/MY) Polycom
          4) Chula (Rungsun, Pornarong) Polycom

Group Reports
          1) Healthcare (YS Lee)
          2) Remote medicine (Ali/Chen/Colin)
          3) Endoscopy (TBD)
          4) Surgery/CMEA (Shimizu/Han)

 March 4 (Wed): Medical Workshop

9:00-10:30 Activity Updates [Chair: Shimizu/JP]
(TH 8:00-9:30, HK/ SN 9:00-10:30, JP 10:00-11:30)
Polycom set-up: Antoku/JP and TW engineers
1. Brief review at Kyushu U: JSS and TEMDEC (Torata/JP) Polycom           delete
2. Results of endoscopic workshop and further plans for this year (Ng/CUHK) Polycom
3. Fetal medicine and IFMSS (Chiba/Tokyo) local
4. APHPBA and TAGE (Patpong and Rungsun/Chulalongkorn U/TH) Polycom
5. Australasian TeleHealth Society (Colin/AU) local

11:00-12:30 Remote medicine: Successful examples in each region [Chairpersons: Ali/ID and Sakurai/JP, Commentator: Chen HS/NTU/TW]
Polycom set-up: Antoku/JP and TW engineers
(Pakistan 8:00-9:30, Sri Lanka 8:30-10:00, Nepal 8:45-10:15, Perth/JP 12:00-13:30, Adelaide 13:30-15:00, Sydney 14:00-15:30, Fiji 15:00-16:30, NZ 16:00-17:30)
1. Mobile Surgical and Rural Health Development Project(Stuart Gowland/ NZ) (remote)
2. Fiji School of Medicine (Jitoko Cama and Joji Malani/Fiji) (Polycom)
3. University of Queensland Centre for On-Line Health, Anthony Smith(remote)
4. Centre of Ophthalmology, University of Western Australia (Kanagasingam Yogesan/AU) (Polycom)
5. Ministry of IT Health net Rural Support program (Qasim/Holy Family Hosp/Rawalpindi, PK(remote)

12:30-14:00 Lunch
Final check-up for Healthcare demo

14:00-15:30 Healthcare session [Topic: How can IT support cancer management?]
(KR/JP 15:00-16:30, California 22:00-23:30, India 11:30-13:00)
Network: Okamura/JP & Ohmori/JP

Connecting stations:
          1. Kaohsiung, TW [Chairs: YoungSung Lee/KR, Nakashima N/JP] | Engineer: SG Kim/KR, Chiang TC/TW, Yamanokuchi/JP, TW engg
          2. Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Korea [Moderator: SunMi Park] | Engineer: Byung-Ki Goo
          3. Stanford University, California, USA | Engineer: TBD
          4. Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan [Moderator: TBD] | Engineer: Torata
          5. India by Polycom
                  1) Trivandrum | Moderator: S Sudhamony | Engineer: Niwas Issac
                  2) Lucknow | Moderator: Mishra Saroj, Engineer: Repudaman

Opening Remarks: YoungSung Lee
          1. TW venue
                      o YoungSung Lee (10min)
                      o Ubiquitous Virtual Slide System of Korea--Woo-Young Jang(10min)
          2. Stanford University
                      o Parvati (10 min)
                      o Roy or Paul Kim? (10min)
          3. Chungbuk National University
                      o SeonMee Park(10min)
          4. Kyushu University
                      o Morita M (10min)
          5. India by Polycom
                      o ICT for cancer diagnosis, treatment and management --S Sudhamony (10min)
                      o Tele-follow up--Mishra Saroj (10min)
          6. Discussion
Closing Remarks: Parvati D

* This session is partly supported by MedRIC (Medical Research Information Center) & NIA (National Information Society Agency).
15:30-16:00: Demonstration of 3D Image from Prague, Czech
Jiri Navrati/CESNET/CZ

16:00-17:30: Test for the demo for March 5th

Network: Okamura & Ohmori/JP | Local set-up: SG Kim/KR, Chiang/TW, Yamanokuchi/JP, TW engineers

 March 5 (Thu): Medical Workshop

9:00-10:30 Network updates for Medical Community[Chair: Colin Carati/AU]
1. Hong Kong (CUHK/HKIX) Che-Hoo CHENG
2. India (ERNET) Barman DK
3. Taiwan (TWAREN) Te-Lung Liu
4. Singapore (SingAREN) Francis Lee / Stanley Goh
5. Malaysia (MYREN) Kamal Hisham
6. TEIN3 (DANTE) McLaughlin G

11:00-12:30 CanalAVIST: Results and next steps for Medical Forum [Chairs: Kanchana/TH and Shimizu/JP] Preparation in charge of Esmond/AIT
TH/VN/ID 10:00-11:30, SN/MY/PH 11:00-12:30, JP/KR 12:00-13:30)
1. Results of the first Medical Forum (Kanchana/AIT/TH)
2.Network performance and possible improvement (APAN-JP/Tanaka)
3. Comments from each participating station
A)KUH/JP/Torata (remote)
B)K2RCH/JP/Tanaka K (remote)
C)SNU Bundang Hospital/KR/Han local
D)Chulalongkorn/TH/Rungsun (remote)
E)NUS/SN/Chris (remote)
F)Vinaren/VN/TBD (remote)
G)UI/ID/Ali local
H)ASTI/PH/Rene Mendoza (remote)
4. Discussion for next plan

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:00 Final check-up for CMEA demo

16:00-17:30 Continuous Medical Education of Asia [Chair: Han/KR and Shimizu/JP]
Topic: Laparoscopic sigmoidectomy
(ES 9:00-10:30, IN 12:30-14:00, VN 15:00-16:30, PH/SG 16:00-17:30,JP 17:00-18:30, AU 19:00-20:30)

Connecting stations:
1. Kaohsiung, TW [Chairs: Han HS/ KR, Shimizu/JP] | Local & AV engg: Chiang/NTU/TW, Sanggyun Kim/KR, Yamankuchi/Kyushu, TW engg | NW engineer: Okamura/Kyushu, Ohmori/Chikushi/JP
2. J&J Medical Innovation Training Center (MIT), Tokyo | Lecturers: Sakai Y/Kyoto, Kinugasa Y/Shizuoka | Local & AV engg: TBD | NW engg: Okamura/Kyushu
3. Hospital No 108, Hanoi, Vietnam | Discussants: Binh | Local & AV engineer: Tran Viet Tien | NW engineer: Tran Viet Tien
4. National U Singapore, SG | Discussants: Christopher Khor | Local & AV engineer: Jummain | NW engineer: Francis
5. University Philippines Manila | Discussant: Hilvano SC | Local & AV engineer: Bani | NW engineer: Denis
6. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India | Discussants: Parul Shukla | Local & AV engineers: Manoj | NW engineer: Singh/ERNET
7. Kyushu U Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan Discussant: Ali Mohammed Local engineer: Torata Network: Okamura
8. Hospital Clinic, Provincial De Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain | Discussant: Antonio M Lacy | Local & AV engineer: Daniel | NW engineer: Paco
16:00-16:05 Opening Remarks - Dr Han HS

16:05-16:10 Greetings from each Station

16:10-16:35 Surgical Anatomy for Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy with the Embryological Consideration - Kinugasa/Shizuoka/JP

16:35-16:45 Q&A

16:45-17:10 Standardized Procedure of Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy with Laparoscopy-Enhanced Anatomy in Mind - Sakai/Kyoto U/JP

17:10-17:20 Q&A

17:20-17:25 Greetings from each Station

17:25-17:30 Closing Remarks - Lacy
 Remark  We will have a couple of live demonstrations among multiple stations. We would like to have enough time for preparation or rehearsals at the same room, such as the night before or a few days before the event. Necessary equipments may include multi-point teleconference system, microphones, mixers, and several high-quality monitors.

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