Optical Networking Workshop


Chair : Jacqueline Brown


This seminar will provide basic overview of terminology, techniques, and issues for the APAN technical community. We note that optical technology is evolving quickly and a solid foundation in optical technology is required to anticipate and incorporate it effectively in future networks. We will begin a process of identifying, documenting, and disseminating Best Common Practice, case studies, cost and service models considerations. We will initiate a discussion on optical interconnection standards, protocols, their status, and evolution. We will cover the cost and benefits of the optical transport layer which supports conventional network services. Engineering and business models must necessarily understand future trends in optical hardware, standards, protocols, and emerging applications drivers.  In addition, we will present examples of national and international optical networking initiatives.


1. 28 (Wed)
14:00 17:30
Room B

Title: Optical Networking - Issues, Engineering, and Experiences


Mark Johnson, NCREN 
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Jerry Sobieski, MAX

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Tomaz Kalin, DANTE

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