South/South East Asia Net Group Joint BoF
Time: 2004.1.30 (Fri) 8:00-11:00
Place: Room F, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Hakikur Rahman/ Wanchai.r
Group secretary: Ajantha Athukorala
APAN Sec Staff: Chin Hooi
  0800-0930 On Southeast Asia Net Group
    Report on Bangkok Southeast Asia Net Group BoF
    Report on Southeast Asia Cluster Meeting
    Report on TEIN2 Information Day
    Report on TEIN2 Session
    Report on Members(my, ph, sg, th)
    Report on Non-Members(bn, kh, id, la, mm, vn)
    Organizational Issues
 0930-1100 Collaboration between South and Southeast
    TEIN2 Complimentary Project(APANconnect)
    Joint Regional Meeting(south/southeast) Proposal

Philippine Research Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET) 
Lanka Educational And Research Network
South Asia NET Group

1. Suguru Yamaguchi made presentation on AI3 Project.
2. Kilnam Chon asked whether the Mongolia would be covered under AI3 project.
Suguru Yamaguchi said they are contacting Mongolia on this matter now.
3. Suguru yamaguchi also said normally the connecting party would provide the equipment
under AI3 project, but AI3 would provide some financial supports too if required.
4. Ajantha made presentation on "Lanka Education and Research Network".
5. Ajantha made presentation on "APAN SANG".
6. Ajantha made presentation on "South Asia Net Group".
7. Kilnam Chon made the update on the APAN member application from India. He made a brief
explanation on applying party, ERNET.
8. BH Seo said India, Pakiatan and Sri Lanka should have close relationship with each other
since they share the same culture, language, etc.
9. Dennis made presentation on South East Asia (SEA) Net Group. He said the idea was to focus on high speed
network in South East Asia mainly on Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
9.   Dennis made the update on Philippines R&E Network, PREGINET.
10. Royol Chitraon made presentation on Thailand R&E Network and urged the SEA APAN members to
      work closely with the telco companies.
11. Dennis said that SEA Net Group would work as a group alone. Kilnam Chon said more issues
should be considered before deciding it.
12. Kilnam Chon said SEA Net Group should have more meetings in different context, such as in
AI3, TEIN2 Meeting in KL, etc.
13. Kilanam Chon made explanation on TEIN2 project.
13. Kilnam Chon also said those non-ASEM countries (India, Vietnam, Loas, Cambodia, etc)
should be considered to get connected. Further considerations and surveys have to be made to realize it.
14. He also hoped that APAN members such as Japan and Korea would participate TEIN2 project actively.
15. As a conclusion, Dennis said there were a lot of challenges and also opportunities for SEA
and South Asia Net Group, further meetings between SEA and South Asia Net Group members should be

Suguru Yamaguchi/WIDE
Kazunori Konishi/KDDI
Royol Chitradon/NECTEC
Shigeki Goto/Waseda Univ.
Nestor C. Tiglao/Univ. of the Phils
Bo-Hyun Seo/KISDI
Kilnam Chon/KAIST
Yasuichi Kitamura/CRL
Yong-jin Park/Hanyang Univ.
Lawrence Wong/SingAREN
Kiyoshi Igarashi/CRL
Ajantha Athukorala/LEARN
Dennis F. Villorente/ASTI

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