Secretariat Meeting
Time: 2003.1.29 (Thu) 11:30-12:30   
Place: Room D, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Bok Gyu Joo
Secretary: Jane Zhu
 1. Roll Call
   2. APAN Secretariat Report - Bok Gyu Joo
          - New Primary Members introduction (bd,lk,ph th)
          - New sec introduction 
                    Bok Gyu Joo- deputy director
                    Chunyan Wang - sec in Beijing
          - Accounting report
   3. Each country/economy' secretariat report
   4. Others

  Secretariat Report - BG Joo/deputy director
Minutes: (draft)
1. Secretariat Report - BG Joo/deputy director
2. Budget Estimation for next fiscal year by EJSeo
3.  Member Secretariat Report
3.1 APAN-CN -Anjie
- new staff: Ms.Chunyan Wang, whose role is to assist Anjie for apan afairs.
- Ipv6 Task Force Meeting in China and preparation for the meetings   in Brusseles
- preparation of Netowrk Research Workshop for Cairns Meeting
3.2 ANF-NKKim
- current 2 staffs
- administrate in apan ipv6 task force for kr site
- cn-kr links
- supported apan staff salary in 2003
3.3 LEARN -Don Ajantha (new primary membership)
3.4 APAN-TW  -Yulin Chang
- Propose to hold apan meeting
- will call more students to join apan
- processing on USD 5,000 Membership Fee
3.5 APAN-JP (Konishi)
- will propose to hold apan meeting on 2006.1; in case TH has difficulties in holding 2005 Jan meeting, APAN-JP will hold instead
3.6 SingAREN - Lowrence
- Proposal to hold apan meeting
- interest in holding apan secretariat
3.8 APAN-AU.

  Aida Nosa/APAN-MY
  Yulin Chang/APAN-TW
  Lawrence Wong/SingAREN
  George Mc'Laughlin/APAN-AU
  An Jie/APAN-CN (Remote)
  Chun yan Wang/APAN Sec (Remote)
  APAN Secretariats

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