APAN Member Pre-meeting
Time: 2004.1.27 (Tue) 15:30-18:00
Place: Room C, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Kilnam Chon /APAN
Secretary: Eunjin Seo /APAN Secretariat
 Part I: Special Topics to Discuss(13:30-15:00)
        A. Structure Committee/Transition Group(S Goto/G McLaughlin/L Wong)
           Transition Schedule
           Principles of APAN
        B. IPv6 Task Force(Jianping Wu/Hiroshi Esaki/Kisik Park)
           Native Gigabit IPv6 Network Deployment
        C. New Member Introduction

Part II:(15:30-18:00)

   1. Roll Call
   2. Agenda Update
   3. Secretariat Report
   4. Area/WG Report   
      Network Technology Area(Sureaswaren Ramadas)   
      Application Technology Area(Markus Buchhorn-Interim)   
      Natural Resource Area(Seishi Ninomiya)
      New WG Approval
   5. NOC(Kazunori Konishi)
      Resource Allocation
   6. Regional Net Groups
      North Asia Net Group(S Goto/DY Kim/J Wu)
            North Asia Cluster
      South Asia Net Group (Gihan Dias/Ajantha Atukurale/Hakikur Rahman;interim)
      South East Asia Net Group(Wanchai Rivepiboon/Borhanuddin Mohd Ali/F Lee; interim)
            South East Asia Cluster
      Oceania Net Group(George McLaughlin)
      New Group Approval
      Charter Approval
    7. Committee Report   
      Fellow Program Committee(An Jie)
      Backbone Committee(DY Kim)                                     
      Event  Committee(Interim) (Akira Mizushima)
      eScience Committee(ad hoc) (Chris Elvidge)
      Training Committee(Interim) (K Kanchanasut)
      IPv6 Task Force
      GRID(ad hoc)
      Structure Committee/Transition Group(S Goto)
      New Committee Approval
      Charter Approval
   8. Liaison Report   
      Internet 2(Heather Boyles)
   9. Member Report
      (1) Primary Member
          APAN-AU(George McLaughlin)   
          BAERIN(BD) (Hakikur Rahman)
          APAN-CN(Jianping Wu)   
          HARNET(HK)(Ng Nam)
          APAN-JP(Shigeki Goto)   
          ANF(KR)(DY Kim)   
          APAN-MY(Sureswaren Ramadass)   
          ATSI(PH)(Denis Villorente)
          SingaREN(SG)(Lawrence Wong)
          LEARN(LK)(Nimal Ratnayake/Ajantha Atukorale)
          APAN-TH(Wanchai Rivepiboon)
          APAN-TW(Simon Lin)
      (2) Associate Member                           
          TransPac (James William) 
      (3) Affiliate Member
          ACFA (Yukio Karita)
          APBioNet  (Tan Tin Wee)
          APNG(Tommy Matsumoto)
          APRTC (Buenafe R. Abdon)   
          APRU  (Zita Wenzel)   
          CGIAR (Robert T Raab)   
          IDRC  (Maria Lee Hoon)   
          Pacific Wave (J Brown)
          PRAGMA (Peter Arzberger; APAN Liaison: S Ninomiya)    
      (4) Industry Member
      New Member Approval
  10. APAN Election
  11. APAN Meetings      
      2004.1.25-30  Honolulu
      2004.7.3-7    Cairns
      2005.1.24-28  Bangkok     
      2005.8.22-26  Taipei
   12. AOB

0. Roll call
It's an informal pre-meeting for friday member meeting, where no final decisions but discussions only.
1. Part I
  - select special topics
  - Jacquelin Brown 's request  to have 10 minutes presentation for Pacific Wave was accepted by chair,

    and it was put in agenda C. Member Presentation of Part I.
  A. Structure committee transition
     Major concerns are Membership fee, Incorporation and Secretariat  including hiring Executive officer, which

     needs to be decided at least by Cairns Meeting.
     By Member Meeting on 1.30, members are encourged to provide information  on those items.

      Members are also encourged to discuss any matters regarding this APAN Structure transition.
     The main contacts for this issue are: Dr. Goto, Lawrence and George.
     - What's the priciples : first version of Bylaws
     - scheduled meeting time in 1.28(wed) is 1.5hours, which seems short and therefore needs to have another meeting.
  B. Ipv6 Task Force
     The major issue is IPv6 Task Force starting from CJK who has gigabit networking;

      however, eventually this will be outreached to non-gigabit networking contries, how would we do?
       Members are encourged to take a consideration on this issue.
  C. New Member Introduction
     Subject is changed to 'Member Presentation'.
      APNG- The Chair(Matzumoto) briefly introduced the areas and activiteis that APNG focus and he proposed to

      collaberate with APAN in Carins Meeting  by joint sessions, fellowship collaberation etc.
       * Other Isseus
    1. APAN's Mission
       proposed to change the word.
       'APAN's Mission' -> 'APAN's mission is to provide common'
       What if we failed to coordinate, who will take charge?
    2. Consider Joint Meeting with Europe
       Joint TEIN2 or GEANT (in summer)
2. Part II.
    WG/Comm Report
    This part was briefly reviewed.
    Some issues may be
 2-1. Education WG and Traning Committee (whether to merge)
      Education WG has no chair.
 2-2. eScience
     In terms of eScience, whether to have a committee to coordinate or still treat it by holding workshops in apan meetings?
     The eScience ad hoc committee chair (Chris Elvedge) will bring this issue  to workshops and committee meeting.
 2-3. Grid
     Currently Grid has WG and adhoc Committee, which one will be  better to present this area?
 2-4. Event Committee
     Mizushima-san (chair) simply reported the event committee;
     Dr. Chon again reminds members that event committee's main  objective is to decide meeting venue and the thereafter job will be
     transfered to meetings committees. Another issue is whether it's reasonable to decide a meeting venue 2 years in advance.
 2-5. Fellowship Committee
     The current proposal for selecting fellows is each primary member  recommend 2 fellows and the rest will be selected from students.
     Again this need members to take a consideration and discussion.
     Some members also suggested to apply fund for fellowship from UN  and Wordbank.
The meeting ended at 17:30

Denis F.Villorente/ASTI
Yulin Chang/Academia Sinica
Lawrence Wong/SingAREN
ByungKyu Kim/ANF
A. Mizushima/NARO
Sureswaran Ramadass/USM
Noor Aida/ USM
George Mc'Laughlin/AARNET
John Barlow/GrangeNet
Chris Elvidge/NOAA
Don Ajantha/LEARN
Lee Hinyan/SG National Grid Office
Zita Wenzil/ASI
Royol Chitradon/NECTEC
Jianping Wu/CERNET
Fay Sheu/NCHC
Charles Choy/HARNET
APAN Secretariats

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