Natural Resource
Time: 2004.1.30 (Fri) 8:00-9:00
Place: Room A,Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chairs: Seishi Ninomiya, Shinichi Sobue, Byon-Lyol Lee
Secretary: Jane Zhu
Agenda: (draft)
  1.  Roll call
  2.  Working group reports
  3.  Workshop and session reports
  4.  Discussion on the present and future NR activities
  5.  Others

    1. Erath Observation and Disaster Monitoring WG Report - Chris Elvidge
    2. Earth System WG Report - Byon-Lyol Lee
  Seishi Ninomiya/NARO
  Chris Elvidge/NOAA
  Pitsuth Paiboonrat/NECTEC
  Jai Ho Oh/PKNU
  Takuji Kiura/MAFFIN
  Katsuya Okabo/MAFFIN
  Takaharu Kameoka/Mie University
  Tae Kook Kim/PKNU
  Byong Lyol Lee/NCAM
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Last Updated: 2004.1.30