Network Technology Area
Time: 2004.1.30 (Fri) 11:00-12:30
Place: Room B, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Sureswaran Ramadass
Secretary: Chin Hooi
1. Report of Satellite Internet Working Group   
2. Security Working Group Charter
3. Report of IPv6 Tech Group
4. Report of Measurement Working Group
5. Report of Multimedia Working Group
6. Report of Security BoF
7. New working group proposal - VoIP

1. Yasuichi Kitamura made report on Measurement Working Group.
2. Rahmat Budiarto made report on Security BoF and requested to form
the working group.
3. Sures said the Securiy BoF was matured enough to be formed as working group and seek
the majority consensus. Majority agreed to make it as working group. Sures said he
would propose it during member meeting.
4. Sures made report on behalf of Omar on Multimedia Working Group.
5. Sures made report on behalf of Siew San on Satellite Working Group. Siew San was
elected to continue to be chair.
6. Steven from AARNet proposed to form a new working group, VoIP working group. He
made a short presentation on this matter.
7. Ma Yan made report on IPv6 Working Goup.

Lee See Tan/USM
Nooraida Naser/USM
Rahmat Budiarto/USM
Sureswaran Ramadass/USM
Saw Shung Hung/Academia Sinica
Yasuichi Kitamura/CRL
Paul Love/Internet2
Kunio Iijima/JST
Sornlhep Vannarat/NECTEC
Kevin McGrattan/Cisco
Bohyun Seo/KISDI
Kevin Thompson/NSF
Stephen Kingham/AARNet

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