APAN Member Meeting
Time: 2004.1.30 (Fri) 13:30-18:00
Place: Room B, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Kilnam Chon
Secretary: Eunjin Seo/Jane Zhu/Chin Hooi
Agenda: (draft)

 Part I: Special Topics to Discuss(13:30-15:00)
        A. Structure Committee/Transition Group(S Goto/G McLaughlin/L Wong)
           Transition Schedule
           Principles of APAN
        B. IPv6 Task Force(Jianping Wu/Hiroshi Esaki/Kisik Park)
           Native Gigabit IPv6 Network Deployment
        C. New Member Introduction

Part II:(15:30-18:00)

   1. Roll Call
   2. Agenda Update
   3. Secretariat Report
   4. Area/WG Report   
      Network Technology Area(Sureswaren Ramadas)   
      Application Technology Area(Markus Buchhorn-Interim)   
      Natural Resource Area(Seishi Ninomiya)

      New WG Approval
   5. NOC(Kazunori Konishi)
      Resource Allocation
   6. Regional Net Groups
      North Asia Net Group(S Goto/DY Kim/J Wu)
            North Asia Cluster
      South Asia Net Group (Gihan Dias/Ajantha Atukurale/Hakikur Rahman;interim)
      South East Asia Net Group(Wanchai Rivepiboon/Borhanuddin Mohd Ali/F Lee; interim)
            South East Asia Cluster
      Oceania Net Group(George McLaughlin)
      New Group Approval
      Charter Approval
    7. Committee Report   
      Fellow Program Committee(An Jie)
      Backbone Committee(DY Kim)                                     
      Event  Committee(Interim) (Akira Mizushima)
      eScience Committee(ad hoc) (Chris Elvidge)
      Training Committee(Interim) (K Kanchanasut)
      IPv6 Task Force
      GRID(ad hoc)
      Structure Committee/Transition Group(S Goto)
      New Committee Approval
      Charter Approval
   8. Liaison Report   
      Internet 2(Heather Boyles)
   9. Member Report
      (1) Primary Member
          APAN-AU(George McLaughlin)   
          BAERIN(BD)(Hakikur Rahman)
          APAN-CN(Jianping Wu)   
          HARNET(HK)(Ng Nam)
          APAN-JP(Shigeki Goto)   
          ANF(KR)(DY Kim)   
          APAN-MY(Sureswaren Ramadass)   
          ATSI(PH)(Denis Villorente)
          SingaREN(SG)(Lawrence Wong)
          LEARN(LK)(Nimal Ratnayake/Ajantha Atukorale)
          APAN-TH(Wanchai Rivepiboon)
          APAN-TW(Simon Lin)
      (2) Associate Member                           
          TransPac (James William) 
      (3) Affiliate Member
          ACFA (Yukio Karita)
          APBioNet  (Tan Tin Wee)
          APNG(Tommy Matsumoto)
          APRTC (Buenafe R. Abdon)   
          APRU  (Zita Wenzel)   
          CGIAR (Robert T Raab)   
          IDRC  (Maria Lee Hoon)   
          Pacific Wave (J Brown)
          PRAGMA (Peter Arzberger; APAN Liaison: S Ninomiya)    
      (4) Industry Member

      New Member Approval
  10. APAN Election
  11. APAN Meetings      
      2004.1.25-30  Honolulu
      2004.7.3-7    Cairns
      2005.1.24-28  Bangkok     
      2005.8.22-26  Taipei
  12. AOB
(Draft Version 2.0)
 The meeting started at 1:30pm, and it was divided in three parts.
 Part I: Special topics to discuss (13:30-15:15)
 Part II: Reports (15:30-18:00)
 Part III: Further Discussions on regional net groups (18:00-19:40)

 Part I: Special Topics to Discuss(13:30-15:00)
 A. Structure Committee/Transition Group
 1. Milestones of Transition - Lawrence Wong
   APAN is currently on the way of transition, Dr. Lawrence reported
   the milestones set up during the structure meeting.
  1.1 APAN principles 0 based on this meeting's outcome should be ready on
  1.2 The bylaws shall be ready for APAN to endorse around April 2004.
  1.3 APAN will elect the new chair by June 2004, and appoint
      the Managing Director.
      New Chair will nominate Coordinating Committee, and
      APAN Secretariat will be managed by the new Managing Director.
  Detail of the transition, see
  * Comments
    Comment 1:  "Call for Incorporation of APAN' should be listed in this schedule.
                        "Call for Incorporation of Secretariat' is optional.
    Comment 2:  The overall schedule of transition is delayed.
                       Members' active cooperation are called to pursue this tight schedule.
 2. Principles of APAN- Shigeki Goto
    Principles are still under discussion; main issues are:
 2.1  Organization
 2.1.1 Governing body consists of Primary members as Council.
     - The chair will be elected with 2-year term;
       One can be the chair for two consecutive terms;
       One can be elected  again after 4 year off.
     - The chair shall nominate Coordinating Committee.
 2.1.2 Managing Director is the head of Secretariat, and report to the Board.
 2.2 Membership Fee and Vote
     -  APAN Membership fee is based on square root of gross GDP with a factor
        to be determined.  The model is based on TERENA's. (Supplementary Note:

       Members unable to pay the amount using this formula will be
       accommodated on a case by case basis)
     -  No.of Votes ranged from 1-3 based on membership fee is set up
        to guarantee the reciprocity of obligation (membership fee) and rights
        (vote), and to encourage members' contribution.
 Detail of these principles are available at:
 B. IPv6 Task Force- Jian Ping Wu
 Professor Wu overviewed the background, objective, functions,
 targets and organization of IPv6 Task Force.
1. Background: a lot of R&D efforts on IPv6,
   but lack of deployment and liter traffic
2. Objective: to deploy the IPv6 service up to 10% traffic
   of the whole R&E network in Asia Pacific Region
3. Functions and Targets: IPv6 Task Force has 5 major functions,
   targeting IPv6 Network Service, Application, Middleware, User Community,
   Human Resource and Education & Training etc.
4. Organization: IPv6 Task Force consists of three working groups and secretariat.
* Issues: IPv6 Task Force starts from CJK, and it needs outreach in near future.
 Details of the report, see:
 C. Updates
1. Member presentations
  1.1 Pacific Wave- J. Brown/John Silvester
'A new Paradigm for Int'l Peering'
 - A project of CENIC and PNWGP in collaboration with
   the U. of the Southern California and the U. of the Washington.
They gave brief introduction for the project of CENIC (Corporation for
Education Network Initiatives in California) and PNWGP(Pacific Northwest Gigapop) in
collaboration with the University of Southern California and the University of
Washington.By removing geographic barriers, people connect at any one location on the
fabric and have the option to peer with any other participant, regardless of where they
are connected. (comparing old model to new model)
 More about the report,
 see : /meetings/honolulu2004/documents/pwaveAPANJan04.ppt
  1.2 Internet2 - Heather Boyles
 Liaison Report from I2
-  Heather reviewed the highlights of Partnership between APAN and I2
- New partnership with New Zealand (NGI-NZ; just a few weeks ago)
       Heather hoped NZ can be APAN member in near future.
-  She also reported the 2004 I2 Priorities and upcoming I2 meetings.
 More about the report,
 see: /meetings/honolulu2004/documents/20040130-hb-apan.ppt
2. eScience  Report - Chris Elvidge
    2nd APAN eScience Committee Meeting Report
2.1 3 workshops were held during Honolulu meetings.
2.2 Proposal by the committee on two items:
    - one is change from eScience to eResearch because eScinece can't cover
      all research areas.
    - the other is to create eScience Coordinating Committee
      with chair (or co-chairs), representatives from Application Technology
     Area, Network Technology Area, Natural Resources Area, and other key
  *  Charter proposal will be sent later by Chris Elvidge
 The report can be found at :
 3. Proposed Joint APAN-Jt Tech Workshop-CANARIE Meeting in Banff, Canada
    in mid-July 2007 - Jim Williams
 He proposed Joint APAN-Jt Tech-CANARIE Meeting in Banff in mid-July 2007.
 Banff is a national park with good scenery, where CANARIE had experience of
 holding meetings.
Part II: Report  (15:30-18:00)
1. Secretariat Report - Bok Gyu Joo/Eunjin Seo
Professor Joo summed up the the secretariats update
and APAN Budget etc.
1.1 secretariats update
- New secretariats: Dr. Bok Gyu Joo as Deputy Director and Ms. Wang Chunyan
  as APAN administrative staff in Beijing Branch.
- Leaving : Technical staff (Chin Hooi Tang)
1.2 Budget
- in the 2003 fiscal year, APAN has around US$12,984 surplus
1.3 APAN Member Update
Ms. Seo added the new member applications and APAN Member Committee
voted on the matters in the meeting.
The following is the voting result:
1.1 National Grid Office - Lawrence Wong
- application for affiliate member
- approved by 8 out of 12 primary members
1.2 Pacific Wave - John Silveter
- application for associate member
- approved by 9 out of 12 primary members
1.3 ERNET- India (presented by Dr. Chon)
- application for primary member
- approved unanimously
* APAN has worked on contacting with India in the past 5 years
  and this may be regarded as the last major Asia country that joined APAN.
The secretariat report is at:
2. Technology Report
2.1 Application Tech Area Report- Markus Buchhorn
2.1.1 Grid Activity Committee/Grid WG
- Grid Activity Committee is developing position papers to target release
by Cairns.
- Kento Aida, and Putchong Uthayopas were elected as Grid WG chairs
2.1.2 P2P WG
p2p is decided to be mailing list only;
2.1.3 Education WG
no meeting in Honolulu; plan to merge with Training Committee
2.1.4 New WG Proposal
HDTV: Jongwon Kim chair the WG
approved by 8 out of 12 primary members (1 abstain)
2.1.5 Area Chair
Markus retired from the area director in August 2003;
Dr. Koji Okamura was newly elected as the area chair unanimously
This report is at:
2.2. Network Technology Area Report- Sureswaran Ramadass
2.2.1 Satellite WG
Chair Election: Lim Seow San
2.2.2 Security BoF
Issues- Security WG in Application Technology Area or Network Technology Area?
        It was decided to be Network Technology Area
      - Members agreed that APAN need promote Middleware like Internet 2.
        It was decided to form Middleware WG under Application Technology Area.
 Chair candidate is supposed to modify the charter to clarify on this matter
within 1 month.
2.2.3 SIP Proposal for WG
Chair Candidate: Stephen Kingham
It's agreed that SIP starts as a BoF and hold it till next APAN Meeting
It's needed to create a mailing list for this WG : sip@apan.net
2.2.4 Multimedia WG
This WG was agreed to move to Application Technology Area
2.2.5 Lambda WG
It was decided to add Lambda WG upon clarification on "interim Co-Chairs"
within one month.
This report is at :
3.Natural Resource Area Report - Seishi Ninomiya
Dr. Ninomiya reviewed the 3 WG's activites and reported the plans in Carins
4.NOC Report - K. Konishi
New deputy director- Myers Chris, who is the sucessor of John Barlow
Please visit /meetings/honolulu2004/documents/NOC-Report.ppt
for the report
5. Committee Report
5.1 Resource Allocation Sub-Committee Report - Kiyoshi Igarashi
- Kiyoshi Igarashi was elected as new chair of this sub-committee
- This report is only focus on TransPAC resource allocation while it is the
inclusion of TransPAC and APII. Therefore, it's requested to update the title and
- It will be the subgroup of NOC
More about the report, see:
5.2 Fellow Program Committee - Eunjin Seo (on behalf of Anjie)
- 23 out of 39 awarded fellows attended honolulu meeting (near 40% cancellation)
- Balance remains USD 4,375
- Carins Meetings plan: 35 fellows
- Selection guideline was made and the cancellation responsibilities
   were agreed to be taken by member chairs.
- Each Primary members can designate one fellow and fellowship committee has
the right of  transferring fellows if some member give up the quota.
</meetings/honolulu2004/documents/fellowship-report-040130-final.ppt >
5.3 Backbone Committee - Daeyoung Kim
- Professor Kim reported on the backbone activates and meetings in Honolulu, and
raised the  future development of this committee which will be decided in Cairns
5.4 Event Committee - Akira Mizushima
- The role of event committee was defined again that it's responsible for
  facilitation of selecting the meeting venue.
- This committee need co-chair where George McLaughlin was elected as
interim co-chair.
* Dr. Chon explained the situation on training committee
  which is on the processing of merging Education WG
6. Member Report
6.1  Liaison Report
- DANTE (Tomaz Kalin)
short report on the activities in Honolulu
- Other Liaison reports : see Part I - C of this minute
6.2 Primary Member Report
6.2.1 APAN-JP - Shigeki Goto
He mainly introduced APAN-JP's  website  (www.jp.apan.net)
* Members are requited to activate their own website
6.2.1 ASTI-PH - Denis F. Villorente
Denis reported the activities of ASTI and the cooperation with APAN.
6.2.2 SingAREN
New chair- Francis Lee, as a successor of Lawrence Wong
6.2.3 LEARN- LK - Don Ajantha
6.2.4 APAN-TH - Royol Chitradon
 - Introduced two organization. : TAISARN and Uninet
 - APAN-TH chair is not decided yet.
6.2.5 APAN-TW - Eric Yen
Dr. Eric Yen reported APAN 2004 with TW, TWAREN Topology,
TW IPv6 Deployment and perspective of Grid activity in TW etc.
6.3 Affiliate Member Report
- APRUNet - John Silveter (on behalf of Zita Wenzel)
This report mainly reviewed the projects and meetings that APRUNet
are involving.
See the report here:
7. Meeting Report
7.1 17th APAN Meeting in Honolulu - K. Konishi
- Over 240 people with 130 more on Joint Tech Workshop participated
the meeting to share information on advanced networking efforts,
international connections, and applications.
- Balance: expect USD 7000
7.2 18th APAN Meeting in Cairns
- Program part (Bok Gyu Joo)
Dr. Chon suggested to reserve more slots to avoid
lack of slots in future if more sessions are added.
7.3 19th APAN Meetings revised proposal by APAN-TH - Shigeki Goto (on behalf
of Kanchana)
- The meeting place is confirmed as Bangkok and the proposal will be updated
- Local contact: Pensri Arunwatanamongkol and K Kanchanasut
7.4 20th APAN Meetings revised proposal by APAN-TW - Eric Yen
* 18th APAN Meeting in Cairns meeting committees Update
  Organizing committee chairs were changed to George McLaughlin and
K.Kanchana as a co-chair
  Program Committee chair: Bok Gyu Joo with 3 co-chairs
Part III  Further Discussions on regional net groups (18:00-19:40)
1. North Asia Net Group
1.1 Cluster is to be dropped.
1.2 Greater China Subgroup is to be dropped.
1.3 Consider roles of HK and TW to be in North Asia Net Group
1.4 Daeyoung Kim was elected as the chair of this group.
2. South East Asia Net Group
2.1. APAN-MY: Myren - George, Goto & Lawrence to be Indepent Tellers to
     report on the status of Myren with respect to Malaysia's membership.
2.2. SEA-South joint meetings to be considered in future.
2.3  SEA does not need the cluster, but just net group.
2.4  Royol was endorsed by SEA Cluster members to be the next chair(2004.2-
     2005.1) SEA Cluster. However, it is recommended to be endorsed by
     APAN-TH community to be the chair of SEA Net Group from APAN-TH.
     Chon proposes 1 month to confirm on this matter.
     Lawrence will initiate the action on this matter.
    Kilnam Chon/APAN Chair
    Shigeki Goto/Vice Chair
    Jianping Wu/Vice Chair
    George Mac'Laughlin/Vice Chair
    APAN Secretariats
    Daeyoung Kim/ANF
    Byubgkyu Kim/ANF
    Yu Lin Chang/Academia Sinica
    Eric Yen/Academia Sinica
    John Silverter/USC
    Jaqyueline Brown/Washington U.
    Yan Ma/CERNET
    Y. Kitamura/CRL
    Chalesmpal Chaznsipingo/NECTEC
    Denis Villorente/ASTI
    Royol Chitradon/NECTEC
    K. Konishi/APAN-JP
    Lawrence Wong/SingAREN
    Yoshiaki Kasahara/Khushu U.
    Saw Shung Hung/Academia Sinica
    Vara Varavithya/KMITNB-TH
     Simon See/Nanyang Tech U.
     Lee Hin Yan/National Grid Office, SG
    John Barlow/AARNET
    Katsoyuki Hasebo/WIDE
    Kauihiro Fukuda/NTTcom
    Katsuya Okabo/MAFFIN
    Akira Kato/Wide Project
    Maru Williams/Juniper
    Chris Elvidge/NOAA
    Markus Buchhorn/APAN-AU
    Jim Williams/TransPAC
    Don Ajantha/LEARN
    Masaki Hirabaru/CRL
    N. Nakajima/JST
    Ted Hanss/I2
    Koji Okamura/Kyushu U.
    Yoshio Tanaka/AIST
   Kento Aida/TITECH
   Sanggyun Kim/ANF
    Kihyeon Cho/Kyungpook National U.
    David West/DANTE
    Byong-lyol Lee/KMA
    Seishi Ninomiya/NARC/NORO
    David Lassner/Hawaii U.
    Fay Sheu/NCHC
    Sureswaran Ramadass/USM
    Nooraida Naser/USM
    Akira Mizushima/NARO
    Yongjin Park/Hanyang U.
    Charles Choy/HARNET

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