IPv6 Task Force
Time: 2004.1.29 (Thu)14:00-18:30
Place: Room F, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Jianping Wu
Secretary: Chin Hooi
  - 4 groups issue discussion (6Overall, 6NOC, 6Technology, 6Application)
1530-1600 Break
   - Collaboration issues discussion/3rd Global Joint IPv6 Deployment on R&E Networks Meeting in Honolulu
  - Future meeting plan 
1. Overview of APAN IPv6 Task Force - JP Wu/Txinghua Univ
IPv6 Applications Status and Nationwide Deployment Plan  - BK Kim/ANF
3. IPv6 Deployment in AI3 Network - Suguru Yamaguchi/WIDE
4. IPv6 Operation Report of Tokyo XP - Jin Tanaka/KDDI
5. IPv6 Tech Group - Mayan/BUPT
6. IPv6 Traffic in Japan (png file) - Akira Kato/Univ. of Tokyo
7. APAN IPv6 Deployment Profile - Mayan/BUPT
1. JP Wu made the briefing on meeting agenda
2. Kilnam Chon said there are confusion on "Towards 10% of R&E Network Traffic". His elaboration can be found here.
    The APAN IPv6 deployment would be production network but not testbed. Should not over engineering, and let market decide it.
3. JP Wu made the presentation on Overview of APAN IPv6 Task Force. 
4. BK Kim made the presentation on Application Group Review
5. Mayan made the presentation on Technology Group Review
6. Jin Tanaka made presentation on NOC with japan status.
7. Akira Kato made explanation on Ipv6 traffic in Japan. 
    (He commented about needs to encourage the V6 usage in universities in Japan)
8. Suguru Yamaguchi made the presentation on IPv6 deployment in AI3 Network.
   (There are some carrots for promoting V6 : No filter, wide broadband for global connection, prioritize Ipv6 operation.)
break 30 minutes
9. JP Wu made presentation on Target of APAN IPv6 Task Force and Strategy. 
10. Target of Task Force Activities
     - IPv6 Network Service (professional quality, with production equipments) 
     - Application, middleware
     - User community
     - Human resource, education and training
     - 10% traffic volume in the whole of network traffic 
11. Strategy
     - Roadmap IPv4 to IPv6
     - Acceptable use policy
     - Starting Collaboration with CJK and will expand to US and EU. 
12. Mayan made brief introduction on the applications which would be deployed in Technology Group.
13. The Task Force draft documents should be finished within next one month.
14. JP Wu suggested to have 3rd APAN IPv6 Task Force Meeting and Global Joint IPv6 Meeting on R&E Networks in next few months.
      Akira Kato said next joint meeting will be discussed with Prof. Esaki. 
15. Akira Kato commented it is good thing have a IPv6 tutorial session with inviting some experts who lecture IPv6 in their institute. 
16. Chris Myers(AARNet) will be co-chair for another group which is about IPv6 engineering training and some ideas will be arrived from him. 

Prepared by Chin Hooi and SG Kim

Akira Kato/Univ. of Tokyo
JP Wu/Txinghua Univ.
Chris Myers/AARnet
Suguru Yamaguchi/WIDE
Kilnam Chon/KAIST
John Barlow/AARNet
Jin Tanaka/KDDI
Shinji Qzawa/KDDI
Steve Maddocks/AARNet
Dongkyun Kim/KISTI

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