Grid WG/Grid Activity Committee
Time: 2004.1.28 (Wed) 14:00-15:30
Place: Room E, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Kento Aida
Secretary: Chin Hooi

  1. Grid Activity Committee meeting
     - reviewing the draft of the position paper
 2. Grid Working Group meeting
    - report on sessions in the Honolulu meeting
    - election for WG chairs

  1. Grid Activities Committee Draft Charter -2003.10.27
APAN's Efforts to Support Grid Activities in Asia-Pacific (draftv2.1)
  3. Grid Activities Committee and Working Group
  4. Grid Activities in NR
  1. Kento Aida made brief explanation on agenda.
  2. Made review on position paper (section 1 and 2).
  2.1  Peter Arzberger introduced GRID activities in PRAGMA 
  2.2  Toshio Tanaka made explanation on GRID activities in ApGrid 
  2.3 Ninomiya made presentation on Grid activities in Natural Resource Area, APAN
  3. Role of APAN to support Grid activities
  3.1   support for practical Grid environment (testbed) - GOC, policy to chare resoures on the Grid
  3.2   publishs documents - guidelines for Grid testbed, programming tools, middleware      
  4. Report on Grid Session
  5. Elected new co-chairs: Kento Aida (TITECH), Putchong Uthayapas (KU)
Kento Aida/TITECH 
Yoshio Tanaka/AIST
Peter Arzberger/UCSD
Osamu Tatebe/AIST
Fang Pang Lin/NCSA
Seishi Ninomiya/NARO
Byong Lyol Lee/KMA,CAgM
Eric Yen/Academia Sinica
Nestor Tiglan/UP Dilinan
Vara Varavithya/KMITNB

Last Updated: 2004.1.28