Fellowship Committee
Time: 2004.1.29 (Thu) 10:30-11:30  
Place: Room D, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: An Jie
Secretary: Jane Zhu

 1. Concluding Businesses for FP-Honolulu
  - Fellows awarded and fellows joining the meeting
  - Fellowship Budget
  - Review the fellowship report for Member Meeting
2. New secretary introducation- Chunyan wang
3. Fellowship issues for Carins Meeting including expected fellow number, accommodation and others
4. General issues of fellowship Program Budget
5. Guidline for fellow cancellation issues
6. Other Issues

  Fellowship Committee Report - Anjie/Chair
Updated fellowship report
  An Jie/Chair  (Remote)
  Chun Yan Wang/ sec (Remote)
  K. Konishi/APAN-JP
  Markus Buchhorn/APAN-AU
  Don Ajantha/LEARN
  Aida Naser/APN-MY
  Yen Hanwei/APAN-TW
  Yu Lin Chang/APN-TW
  APAN Secretariats

Last Updated: 2004.1.29