Event Committee
Time: 2004.1.29 (Thu) 13:30-15:00
Place: Room D, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Akira Mizushima
Secretary: Yongjin Park/Jane Zhu

1. Roll call
2. Agenda update
3. Presentation
3.1. A detailed plan of the 18th meeting by APAN-AU
3.2. A plan of the 19th meeting by APAN-TH
4. Discussion
4.1 Future APAN Meetings
- Decision on 2006.1|2 site
- Discussion on 2006.7|8 site candidates
4.2. Procedure for APAN member meeting
5. Elect Co-Chair
6. AOB
The proposal by the chair
A. Procedure for selecting APAN member meeting
Event Committee selects a candidate of the future APAN Member Meeting site by the following procedure
and recommends it to APAN member committee.
1. 30-months in advance.
1. 1 The notice is made, which calls for hosting APAN member meeting held two years later.
    - The notice will be given on APAN Member Meeting and also through email to chairs of the APAN Members.
    - Applicants should  submit to the following document to the Event Committee Chair.
 "Application Form for Hosting APAN Event"
2. 24-months in advance
 2.1. The applications for hosting APAN member meeting held two years later should be submitted
      24 months  in advance.
 2.2. Informing all members of which members are applyed.
 2.3. Discussing and selecting a candidate.
 2.4. Recommending a candidate to the APAN Member Committee.

B. Elect Co-Chair
   For activity of Event Committee smoothly

  1. 18th meeting detail plan by APAN-AU
  2. 19th meeting plan by APAN-TH
  3. 20th apan meeting plan by APAN-TW
  4. 22nd apan meeting application- SingAREN

Minutes: (draft)
  1.AU report mainly focus on the program
     Professor YJPark proposed Genkai Meeting on Sunday (2004.7.4) half day (Room-U Shape)
 2. apan-jp proposed to host 21st APAN Meeting in Tokyo (place: pending)
     Event Committee will report to APAN Member Meeting
  3. SG proposed the 22nd meeting- 7.17-19,2006 (flexible)
  4. TW revised proposal - 2005,8,23-27
       expect 400 participants with low registraion fee to attract local participants; expect apan contribution- $10,000;
       These issues will be brought back to APAN-TW for further discussion
  5. Proposal of procedure by the chair was approved by committee members
  6. Co-chair election was postponed   (remark: George Mac'Laughlin was elected after the meeting)
  7. Members Update: Wanchai resigned and Denis F. was added

  Akira Mizushima/NARO
  Don Ajantha/LEARN
  Yongjin Park/Hanyang U.
  Yen Hanwei/Academia Sinica
  Lowrence Wong/SingAREN
  Markus Buchhorn/APAN-AU
  George Mc'Laughlin/APN-AU
  Yu Lin Chang/APAN-TW
  Bok Gyu Joo/APAN Sec
  Nooraida Naser/USM
  Shigeki Goto/APAN-JP
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Last Updated: 2004.1.29