Tein2 Meeting
Time: 2004.1.27 (Tue) 14:00-15:30  
Place: Room D, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chairs: David West
Secretary: Chin Hooi

* Brief update on current regional initiatives (EUMEDCONNECT, ALICE, SEEREN)
* TEIN2 presentation:
        - background
        - objectives
        - modalities
        - plans
* Discussion of TEIN2

TEIN2 and other European Regional Actions    David West, DANTE 

1. David West made presentation on TEIN2 Project.
2. Discussion on TEIN2 project.
2.1 Lawrance suggested TEIN2 project should produce some basic framework, such as the
termination points, exchange points, etc, to make it more attractive to be invested.
2.2 Sures pointed out Malaysia Government was having meeting with EU Commission recently. He said
the objective of TEIN2 project is to connect all ASEM countries.
2.3 JP Wu asked who would be the member of policy committee of TEIN2? This issue need to
be solved as soon as possible.
2.4 Thomas said the members and the rules of the policy committee would be decided before
coming TEIN2 Meeting in KL.
2.5 DY Kim said such project is difficult to be implemented in SEA since those NGO or
educational institution are short of funding. The government is the one who owned
financial power.
2.6 Sures agreed too, he said normally those NGO, NPO are acted as adviser and the government
is the policy maker.
2.7 DY Kim said it's difficult to decide the members of policy committee. BH Seo suggested
David to get more advise from Asean, APEC, etc.
2.8 Thomas said the commitment from the connecting countries is very important. He said
such commitment should be came from governmental level.
2.9 JP Wu pointed out that it may be difficult to get such commitment in Asia, because normally those
R&E Networks are supported by several government agencies.
2.10 Thomas said basically the commitment from one government agency should be enough. Further
consideration would be made.
2.11 Kilnam Chon asked how's the bandwidth selection of TEIN2 and also how's the
selection on CLARA project. David West made the explanation on it.
2.12 Kilnam Chon said those non ASEM countries should be considered by APAN to connect to them.
2.13 Royol said Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore should build up the consensus on TEIN2
2.14 Dennis said although TEIN2 project is tough but he still feel optimistic about it.
 Kilnam Chon/APAN Chair
 David West/Dante
 Thomas Kalin/Dante
 Chin Hooi/APAN Sec
 Slee Moon/KAIST
 Sang-gyun Kim/ANF
 Eugene Yeh/NCHC
 Don Ajantha/LEARN
 Yong-jin Park/Hanyang U.
 Kazuyoshi Matsumoyo/CRL
 Kunihiro Fukuda/NTT
 Denis Villorente/ASTI
 Byong Lyol LEE/KMA
 Jai-Ho Oh/PKNU
 Byungkyu Kim/ANF
 Daeyoung Kim/ANF
 Lawrence Wong/SingAREN
 Royol Chitradon/NECTEC
 Chaleimpol Chamnipinyo/NECTEC
 Sornthep Vannarat/NECTEC
 Akira Mizushima/NARO
 Lawrence Landwaker/NSF
 Bo-Hyun Seo/KISDI
 Alan Whitney/MIT
 Jianping Wu/CERNET
 Sureswaran Ramadass/USM
 Nooraida Naser/USM
 Lee See Tan/USM
 OK-Hwan Byeon/KREONet2
 George Mac'Laughlin/AARNET
 Lee Hing Yan/SG National Grid Office

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