Agriculture WG
Time: 2004.1.29 (Thu) 8:00-9:00  
Place: Room F, Hawaii Imin Int'l Conference Center
Chair: Pitsuth Paiboonrt
Secretary: Chin Hooi

Agenda: (draft)
  1. Roll call
  2. Discussion on the present and the next APAN meeting.
  3. Others
 Discussion on CAIRNS APAN Meeting, July
- Workshop theme: IT for Food Safety; trace ability and MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement)
- Focus on technology, country situation
- International Corporation on Food Safety
- Timeslot: 2 slots, 8 papers, 30 minutes discussion  
- Speakers: Australia (2), Japan(2), Thailand(1), Korea(1), Malaysia(1), Indonesia(1), China(1), 

Seishi Ninomiya/NARO
Royol Chitradon/NECTEC
Akira Mizushima/NARO
Katsuya Okubu/MAFFIN
Pisuth Pouboernat/NECTEC 
Takaharv Kameoka/Mie University

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