APAN/Internet2 VoIP Summit


The goal of this workshop is to convene VoIP and integrated communications leaders from the APAN and Internet2 communities to share updates on current initiatives and technical directions. In a concluding panel discussion, we will explore opportunities to increase cooperation between the two communities and will have a good-spirited debate on the future of voice communications.

1. 29 (Thu)

8:00 12:30
Room E2

Chair : Ben Teitelbaum, Internet 2

1. Welcome and Introduction
   Don Robertson, AARNet & Ben Teitelbaum, Internet2

2. Internet2 VoIP WG and TAMU ITEC
    Walt Magnussen, Texas A&M University

3. AARNet VoIP Update
   Stephen Kingham, AARNet 

4. SIP .edu in a Nutshell
    Ben Teitelbaum, Internet2

5. SIP-based VoIP Deployment in Taiwan
    Aaron Solomon, TWAREN

6. Internet2 VoIP Disaster Recovery Project Update
   Chuck Wolfe, Georgetown University

7. Presence & Integrated Communications & Automated Location Services
    Jeremy George, Yale University