Implementing perfSONAR for measurement and monitoring
 Chairman :  TBD
 Objectives :  perfSONAR is a set protocols for network performance monitoring. Presenters in this session will provide an overview of the perfSONAR software suite, show existing deployments and uses cases, then provide an overview of how to access the perfSONAR infrastructure from applications.
 Target Audience :  Technical operators, engineers and application developers.
 Expected Number of Participants :  50
 Agenda :  Candidate Session Chairs and Speakers with Topics :
  Jeff Boote, Dale Finkelson, John Hicks, Kitamura Yasuichi
- presentation by AARNET
- presentation by Che-Nan Yang (Taiwan)
- presentation by Dale Finkelson
- presentation by Jeff Boote: slides 1, slides 2, slides 3, slides 4
- presentation by John Hicks
- presentation by Kenji Shimizu
- presentation by Lee Jaehwa
- presentation by Takatoshi Ikeda
 Remarks :  video Conferencing needed.

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