IPv6 Session
 Chairman :  Ma Yan
 Members :  Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass
 Bruce Morgan
 And others TBC
 Objectives :  A workshop format where we have some initial presentations to describe current activities, and then some general discussion on IPv6 deployment
 research and challenges, perhaps with some specific topics to promote collaboration after the event. Panel discussion will be conducted.
 Target Audience :  Open for any attendees, especially the researcher, Application Developers, Academic network operators.
 Expected Number of Participants :  40
 Agenda :   Agenda: IPv6 Session
Room: Albert Room
Morning Session Chair: MA Yan
09:00 ~ 09:30
Introduction to IPv6 activity
Bruce Morgan
09:30 ~ 10:30
Convenor: Bruce Morgan, AARNET/Australia
Title: IPv6 Only Hour – lessons on deployment
Coffee/Tea Break
11:00 ~ 11:30
Title: The Next Three Years – IPv6 transition
Speaker: Philip Smith (Cisco Systems)
11:30 ~ 12:00
Speaker: Cody Christman, Director, Product Engineering in NTT

Title:  IPv6 Commercial Applications
As director of product engineering, Mr. Christman directs a team of senior engineers in designing products to meet strategic business objectives for the NTT Communications Global IP Network, which was the first Tier-1 network fully upgraded to run IPv6 <http://www.us.ntt.net/products/ipv6/>  and is one of the world’s largest commercial IPv6 networks.  With real-world IPv6 experience, both architecturally and operationally, Mr. Christman, will speak on, “IPv6 Commercial Applications.”  

While the finite number of IPv4 addresses presents a serious challenge, the solution – IPv6 – presents a major opportunity.  Mr. Christman will discuss the benefits of IPv6 by demonstrating the protocol’s effectiveness through the use of real-world, commercially available applications that leverage IPv6 multicast such as Hikari-TV, the large scale, commercially successful IPTV over IPv6 service, and an Earthquake Early Warning System.  The applications will show first-hand how IPv6 technologies can be used in everyday life.  
12:00 ~12:30
·IPv6 Multicast over TEIN3,
· Updates from new TEIN3 members,
· Domestic IPv6 Multicast Status for NRENs,
· Placement of persistent running tools, and
· Future Plans.

13:30 ~ 1400
Afternoon Session Chair: TBD
14:00 ~ 14:20
Speaker: Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, NREN/Nepal
Title: State of Things with IPv6

14:20 ~ 14:40
Dr.Louk Chi, NCHC
Title: IPv6 development status in Taiwan

14:40 ~ 15:00
Speaker: Bani Lara, PREGINET NOC Manager/Philippines
Title: Update on PREGINET's IPv6 deployment

15:20 ~ 15:40
Speaker: Dae Young KIM, Korea
Title: IPv6 development update of Korea

15:40 ~ 16:00
Afternoon Tea Break

16:00 ~ 16:20
Speaker: John Mann
Title: IPv6 deployment at Monash University

16:20 ~ 16:40
Speaker: Jun BI, CERNET
Title: Towards Future Internet

16:40 ~ 17:00
 Panel Discussion Topic: The responsibility of research and education community in the time of IPv4 address depletion
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