HDTV Session
 Chairman :  Andrew Howard
 Objectives :  This HDTV session is designed to provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss the latest development around the network-based delivery of
 HD (high-definition)/4K video technology. Aiming to provide immersive experience to end users with HD quality video, lots of efforts are taking place
 to enable HD video contents over high-speed research networks. In this session, several on-going efforts on HD video delivery will be presented
 and discussed.
 Target Audience :  TBA
 Expected Number of Participants :  TBA
 Agenda :  

09:00-10:30 Session #1
- (40min) Multi-site OptIPortal HD video sharing with SageBridge
(Presenter: Christoph Willing / Univ. of Queensland and Brett Roselen / AARNet ) [ With demo ] Candidate sites: APAN Venue, UQ, UMelbourne, ANU (tentative) @ Australia & GIST @ Korea & TACC (Texas Advanced Computing Center) @ USA.

- (20min) Report on Cinegrid (Presenter: Andrew Howard / The Australian National University) The Cinegrid workshop held in December 2009 at UCSD showcased the current state of the art of HD technology. This presentation provides an overview of the event.

- (20min) Telepresence Exchange (Presenter: Brent Sweeney / GRNOC at Indiana University) Under the auspices of the National LambdaRail project, a university-owned layer1-layer2-layer3 network interconnecting the major regional networks in the USA, we have created the first Cisco Telepresence "exchange" dedicated solely to research and education. This exchange interconnects Telepresence systems from many different regional organizations within the US. In addition, because there is no comparable R&E exchange organization anywhere else in the world, Cisco is referring international R&E telepresence users to NLR's exchange, so we currently also serve international sites in the Middle East,Asia/Australia, and Europe. In this presentation, I will briefly discuss the technology and propose the creation of a similar R&E Telepresence exchange in the APAN region to better serve users here.

10:30-1100 Morning Tea

11:00-12:00 Session #2
- (20min) KAUST Visualization Facility (TBD) (Presenter: Greg Wickham / KAUST) [Remote HD and Polycom talk] KAUST is one of the newest universities in Saudi Arabia and has established an impressive visualisation facility to demonstrate the capabilities of combining high performance computing, high resolution displays and advanced networks.

- (20min) Interactive performance "NetBand Wa-i" between Korea and Japan
(Presenter: Boncheol Goo / Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST ) [Remote Polycom talk]

- (20min) Streoscopic extension of imCast and its graphical display over networked tiled display
(Presenter: JongWon Kim / GIST)
Note: 1. OptIPortal Demo requires multi-Gbps bandwidth connectivity and other OptIPortal tiled display systems.
2. Remote presentation support via Polycom or HD Video.
3. Resource Allocation at Philip Room
- Epson EB-G5200W NL projector: http://www.projectorcentral.com/Epson-EB-G5200WNL.htm
- H.323 Polycom conferencing unit
- Lectern and microphone
- Radio handheld mic.
- Optiportal with 10Gbps connection


 Remarks :  

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