HDTV Work Group Meeting
 Chairman :  JongWon Kim
 Objectives :  This meeting will discuss WG activities on promoting the development of interoperable network-based delivery of HD video.
 - Reports : Member reports & HD video over IP technology update ( ALL )
 - WG discussions on HDTV over IP collaboration ( all participants )
 Target Audience :  TBA
 Expected Number of Participants :  TBA
 Agenda :    1100-1120 Multi-site OptIPortal HD video sharing with SageBridge

 ( Presenter: Christoph Willing / Univ. of Queensland and Brett Roselen / AARNet ) [ With demo ]

 Candidate sites: APAN Venue, UQ, UMelbourne, ANU (tentative) @ Australia & GIST @ Korea ( tentative ).

   1120-1140 Interactive performance "NetBand Wa-i" between Korea and Japan

 Presenter: Boncheol Goo - Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST [ remote Polycom or DVTS talk ]

   1140-1200 Streoscopic extension of imCast and its graphical display over networked tiled display

 Presenter: JongWon Kim - GIST

   1200-1230 General Discussion

   BoF allocation for lunch

   Working group business


 Remarks :  OptIPortal Demo requires multi-Gbps bandwidth connectivity and other OptIPortal tiled display systems.
 Remote presentation support via Polycom or DVTS

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