GEOSS Sensor Web meeting
 Chairman :  Ingo Simonies ( SANY )
 Objectives :  GEOSS has the objective to continuously monitor the state of the earth in order to increase knowledge and understanding of our planet and its
  processes. Being a system of system, GEOSS has to master the challenge of integrating heterogeneous systems across institutional and political
  The fourth workshop of the Sensor Web series is held as an organized session of the APAN meeting. The Workshop is jointly organized by
  GEO-Task AR09-02c, the Meraka Institute, the Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo, the Sensor Web Alliance, CSIRO, and
  APAN's Sensor Network WG and Agriculture WG.
 The aim of the Sensor Web Workshop is to:
  1. Sensor service discovery and binding mechanisms.
  2. Combining observations and measurements with different time-series encodings.
  3. Embedding workflow execution capability into the Sensor Web.
  4. Discussing about the various approaches, applications, and technologies used within sensor networks.
  5. Exchanging experiences with sensor networks, sensor data and Sensor Web applications in the context of GEOSS.
 Target Audience :  Sensors Network Community, Software developers, Researchers, Network engineers.
 Expected Number of Participants :  50
 Agenda :  09:00-10:30 Discussion 1
 11:00-12:30 Discussion 2
 14:00-15:30 Discussion 3
 Remarks :  

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