SIP-H323 Working Group
 Chairman :  Quincy Wu [ solomon@2010.ipv6.club.tw ]
 Members :  

Bill Efthimiou (AU)
Bani Lara (PH)
Nimal Ratnayake (LK)
Sureswaran Ramadass (MY)

 Objectives :  Update by delegates to present SIP/H323 deployments, Review of projects progress.
 Target Audience :  

SIP/H323 Users; Voice and Video Support Staff in NRENs; Researchers of H323, SIP, Presence and Instant Messaging; People Planning or Deploying Unified Communication or ENUM Services

 Expected Number of Participants :  20
 Agenda :  

1. Member Status Update (Quincy)

2. Status of APAN SIP Peering (Nimal)

3. APAN SIP Peering Overview (Bill)   Slides

4. Discussion for Further ENUM Trial Between Members (Bani)

5. SIP Workshop (Chen-Wei)   Slides

6. Experience Sharing for Video Calling & Unified Communication (Bill)   Slides

7. WG Chair Election (Sures)

 Remarks :  

(1) Room with open Internet access in which participants get public IPv4/IPv6 addresses which are reachable from the Internet.
 (2) SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing Facility for remote participation and remote speakers.

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