IPv6 Session
 Chairman :  Ma Yan
 Members :  IPv6 Working Group
 Objectives :  

A workshop format where we have some initial presentations to describe current activities, and then some general discussion on IPv6 deployment research and challenges, perhaps with some specific topics to promote collaboration after the event. Panel discussion will be conducted.

 Target Audience :  Open for any attendees, especially the researcher, Application Developers, Academic network operators.
 Expected Number of Participants :  30-40
 Agenda :

Room: Gulmohar

Morning Session Chair: Li Xing

09:00 ~ 10:30

  • Speaker: RAKESH MOHAN AGARWAL, DoT/India [ddgnt-dot@nic.in]
    Title: India IPv6 Policy and its implementation in India   Presentation Slides

  • Speaker: Steve Wolff, Internet2 swolff@internet2.edu
    Title: IPv6 IPv6 in U S R&E Networks   Presentation Slides

  • Speaker: Bruce Morgan, [Bruce.Morgan@aarnet.edu.au], AARNET/Australia
    Title: Experience of IPv6 in AARNET   Presentation Slides

11:00 ~ 13:00 Opening Plenary


Afternoon Session Chair: Li Xing:

  • 14:00 ~ 14:20
    Speaker: Navaneeethan C. Arjuman, NAV6/Malaysia; Navaneethan -- Nava [nava@nav6.usm.my], Navaneethan [nava@inetmon.com]
    Title: Capacity Building in IPv6 for Malaysia and Globally for APAN 32   Presentation Slides

  • 14:20 ~ 14:40
    Speaker: Affan Basalamah, Bandung, Indonesia [affan@itb.ac.id]
    Title: World IPv6 Day activity in Indonesia   Presentation Slides

  • 14:40 ~ 15:00
    Speaker: Katsuyuki Hasebe
    Title: IPv6 related update in Japan   Presentation Slides

  • 15:20 ~ 15:40
    Speaker: Chinna Pellacuru, Technical Leader with the Cisco Scalable Network Business Unit Engineering Team ; Shanker Sareen (ssareen) [ssareen@cisco.com], "Varun Parwanda -X (vparwand - MA FOI MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS LTD at Cisco)" [vparwand@cisco.com]
    Title: IPv6 Architecture Overview and Deployment Scenarios   Presentation Slides

  • 15:20 ~ 15:40
    Speaker: Raju Raghavan S
    Title: IPV6 Transition   Presentation Slides

  • 15:40 ~ 16:00 Afternoon Tea Break

  • 16:00 ~ 16:20
    Speaker: Lohith Y.S., 6PANview project group, ERNET, India [lohith@ece.iisc.ernet.in]
    Title: 6PANview: A network monitoring system for the 'Internet of Things'   Presentation Slides

  • 16:20 ~ 16:40
    Speaker: Nitin Vig, Consulting Engineer, Juniper Networks [nitinvig@juniper.net]; Amit Chopra [amitchopra@juniper.net], Sanjeev tyagi [sanjeevt@juniper.net], Ravinder Singh [ravips@juniper.net]
    Title: IPv6: Clearing the roadblocks   Presentation Slides

  • 16:40 ~ 17:00
    Speaker: Li Xing
    Title: Transition Transition to IPv6: to IPv6: IVI in the University p y Campus   Presentation Slides

 Remarks :  NA

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