Future Internet Testbed Workshop (FIT WS)
 Chairman :
James G. Williams (williams@indiana.edu)
Shinji Shimojo (sshinji@nict.go.jp)

 Members :

Future Internet Testbed (FIT) WG

 Objectives :

  1. Expose APAN organizational members to the FIT activities in the US and Europe, with an emphasis on how APAN members might participate.
  2. Expose APAN organizational members and visitors to the FIT activities in Asia, with an emphasis on how both groups might participate.
  3. Expose individual APAN members and researchers to opportunities to participate in FIT in both Asia, the US and Europe.
 Target Audience : Those interested in Future Internet testbeds.
 Expected Number of Participants :  100
 Agenda :

9000-9010    Welcoming remark (Shinji Shimojo)

0910-1040    Session 1: FIT update

Chair: DY Kim

1.1 GENI: Now going live across the US - Chip Elliot, GENI    ( Remote ) (11:40pm EST)   Slides

1.2 Internet2's Network Development and Deployment Initiative (NDDI): A Large Scale Facility for Software Defined Network Development and Deployment - Robert P Vietzke, Internet2    ( Remote )   Slides

1.3 Network Virtualization Research in Japan - Aki Nakao, Japan    ( Remote )   Slides

1040-1100    Break

1100-1230    Session 2: FIT update 2

Chair: Shinji Shimojo

2.1 Update on the FI Testbed Activities in Korea, - SunHee Yang, ETRI    ( Remote )   Slides

2.2 MyFIRE - Increasing role of testbeds for research exploitation, - A Paventhan (ERNET)   Slides

2.3 Future Internet Testbed and Multi-Domain OpenFlow Management in TWAREN - Te-Lung Liu, NCHC, NARL    ( Remote )   Slides

1230-1400    Lunch

1400-1530    Session 3: OpenFlow Deployments

Chair: Eiji Kawai

3.1 Programmable Network Platform of activity in Industry - Yoshihiko Kanaumi   Slides

3.2 Researcher Infrastructure to Support FIT in Thailand and Recent Activities - Chalermpol Charnsripinyo   Slides

3.3 OFELIA-Pan-European OpenFlow Testbed - Dr. Hagen Woesner   Slides

3.4 OpenFlow@Korea: Linking OpenFlow Activities in Korea, - JongWon Kim (GIST, Korea)  Slides

1530-1600    Break

1600-1730    OpenFlow Hands-On Workshop

Chair: Shinji Shimojo

4.1 Open and Programmable Networks" - Rajesh Kumar (Juniper)   Slides

4.2 Trema: A brief introduction and tutorial - Shuji Ishii, Eiji Kawai (NICT)   Slides

 Remarks :

Need VTC equipment and Projector.

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