Agriculture Working Group (Impacts of ICT on Rural and Agricultural Development)
Chairman :
  Masayuki Hirafuji (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan) [ hirafuji@affrc.go.jp ]

  Teruaki Nanseki (Kyushu University, Japan) [nanseki@agr.kyushu-u.ac.jp]

 Members :  

APAN Agricultural Working Group, Investigating Team from Strategic Indian-Japanese Cooperative Programme on Multidisciplinary Research, DST and JST .

In Asia, several national and international research projects in which sensor networks and geo-ICT are being applied for agriculture and environment assessments. This workshop will provide the stakeholders of the projects as well as those who are interested in the topic an opportunity to share the information and knowledge through appealing presentations and discussions.

 Target Audience :  

Academia, researchers, industry, decision makers from the areas of ICT and Sensor Networks as well as from the Agriculture/Environment domains .

 Expected Number
  of Participants :
  20 - 30

Geo-ICT and Sensor Network based Decision Support Systems in Agriculture and Environment Assessment

Joint Workshop of APAN AG-WG, IITB, NARO, U. Tokyo, JST and DST.

09:00-10:30 (JST 12:30-14:00):

Session Chair: M. HIrafuji (NARO)

1-1. Geo-ICT and Sensor Network based Decision Support Systems in Agriculture and Environment Assessment - J. Adinarayana (IITB) and S. Ninomiya (UT)   Presentation Slides

1-2. Development of decision support system for optimal agricultural production under global environment changes - M. Mizoguchi and S. Ninomiya (UT)   [ REMOTE ]   Presentation Slides

1-3. YMC-Viet: Children as sensors - S. Ninomiya (UT), T. Hoa (MARD), . Mori, T. Takasaki, Y. Okano, (NPO Pangaean), K. Kameoka, S. Togami, H. Yamamoto (MU), Y. Murakami (NTT COM), Takezaki (NARO), R. Ikeda (TUA). R. Ishida (KU)   [ REMOTE ]   Presentation Slides

1-4. Development of a rice growth model for decision support systems - H. Yoshida (NARO)   [ REMOTE ]   Presentation Slides

11:00-12:30 (JST 14:30-16:00):

Session Chair: Dr V K Dadhwal, Director, NRSC/ISRO

2-1. Sensor network application for measuring soil moisture content in orchard - T. Kameoka, T. Togami, R. Ito, A. Hashimoto (MU)   [ REMOTE ]

2-2. Agrisens in agriculture assessment - S N Merchant/Uday B Desai (IITB/IITH)

2-3. Ubiquitous Agriculture: input from the 11th June 2011 Brainstorming Session on WSN in Agriculture - N Sarat Chandra Babu (C-DAC)   Presentation Slides

2-4. Open Field Server and Ambient Sensor Cloud As Application Oriented Sensor Network - M. Hirafuji et al (NARO and U.Tsukuba)   Presentation Slides

14:00-15:30 (JST 17:30-19:00):

Session Chair: Prof Uday B Desai, Director, IITH

3-1. National Carbon Project: Vegetation Carbon Pool Assessment - An ISRO GBP Initiative - V K Dadhwal (Director, NRSC/ISRO)  Presentation Slides

3-2. Treating metadata in agriculture using Semantic MediaWiki - T.Kiura, M. Omine, T.Yoshida (NARO)   Presentation Slides

3-3. Sensor web enablement for decision making - K R Murali Mohan (NRDMS/DST)   Presentation Slides

3-4. Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture - Arun K Pande (TCS)   Presentation Slides

16:00-17:30 (JST 19:30-21:00):

Session Chair: T. Kiura

4-1. The Global Predicting System for Possibility of Rice Cultivation - K. Tanaka et al (NARO)   Presentation Slides

4-2. Weather-based precision farming in semi arid tropics - D Raji Rededy (ANGRAU)   Presentation Slides

Group Discussion:

Panel Members:
S Ninomiya, Uday B Desai, V K Dadhwal, M Hirafuji, N Vasishta (DST), JST Representative, K R Murali Mohan, Teruaki Nanseki , T Kiura, J Adinarayana, Dr N Sarat Chandra Babu , Dr Arun K Pande
  • Road-map for Geo-ICT and SN in Ag/Envi systems


  • ANGRAU: Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, India
  • C-DAC: Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India
  • DST: Department of Science and Technology, India
  • GBP: Geosphere Biosphere Programme, India
  • IITB: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • IITH: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
  • ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization, India
  • JST: Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • KU: Kyoto University
  • MU: Mie University
  • MARD: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam
  • NARO: National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan
  • NRDMS/DST: Natural Resources Data Management System/Department of Science & Technology, India
  • NRSC: National Remote Sensing Centre, India
  • TCS: Tata Consultancy Services, India
  • TUA: Tokyo University of Agriculture
  • UT: University of Tokyo

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