Fellowship Program Application

India Fellowship Program - for India participants only

For the first time, the host country is offering separate exclusive fellowship program for Indian citizens apart from the regular APAN fellowship.

Applicants from India should apply to the Indian Fellowship Program. The last date for submission of application is 15-7-11. For details, click [ here ].

APAN32 Fellowship Program - for International participants (except India)

APAN32 Fellowship Program is now closed.

Application form should be sent to Ms Bin Lay Ong at ongbl@singaren.net.sg with the subject line : "Fellowship Application".

Kindly rename the file to the format: "APAN32 Fellowship - Country - Name" .

We highly encourage you to contribute to the APAN research activities through your active participation and contribution.

APAN32 Fellowship Program Timeline

SN. Items Date
1. Call for Applications 8 June 2011
2. Application Deadline 30 June 2011
3. Announcement of fellows selected 20 July 2011
4. Closing date for Email Acknowledgement from selected fellows 31 July 2011
5. Closing date for Deposit Cheque (refundable) 14 August 2011
6. 32nd APAN Meeting 22- 26 August 2011
If you have any questions, please contact the organizing team at ongbl@singaren.net.sg.

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