APAN 39th Conference
Fukuoka, Japan

Travel Information

The majority of APRICOT-APAN 2015 particpants will access Fukuoka from one of two airports in Japan; Fukuoka Airport (FUK) or Kansai International Airport (KIX) - Osaka

Fukuoka Airport (FUK)

Fukuoka Airport - FUK - is an international and domestic airport connected to the city by subway and road, less than ten minutes to the core area of the city. Fukuoka has direct flights from 18 cities in Asia including the regional hubs of Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

From Fukuoka Airport, downtown area hotels and the Workshop and Conference venues can be accessed within 10-20 mins. Participants flying into the international terminal and carrying significant luggage are advised to take a taxi to the hotel and venue areas. Taxis will take no more than 15 min. to the Hakata Station and city center area hotels at a cost of 1,500-1,800 JPY.

The domestic terminal of the airport is on the subway line connecting to the Hakata Stn. area (Workshop venue and hotels) in 5 min. (2 stops; 260 JPY), the Hotel Okura Fukuoka (main conference hotel; Nakasu Kawabata Sta.) and is serviced by a free shuttle bus running every 5 min. between the international and domestic terminals.

See the Fukuoka Airport Ground Transportation details and Fukuoka City Subway Guide for more information.

Kansai International Airport (KIX) - Osaka

ansai International Airport in the Osaka region is served by daily flights from most major cities in Asia, hubs in Europe and San Francisco on the the west coast of North America. There are 14 daily flights between Fukuoka and Kansai International Airport for participants flying in and out of KIX.

JR Kyushu Rail Pass

A Kyushu Rail Pass provides unlimited train travel aboard Kyushu's trains, including its Shinkansen "bullet" trains and other express trains. For participants considering sightseeing around Fukuoka, Mount Aso, Beppu hot springs, Arita, Nagasaki, Kagoshima etc. this is the most convenient and inexpensive way of travel.

Please note rail passes can only be purchased outside of Japan. For details on eligibility, usage, pricing and purchasing, please view the site below. JR Rail passes are also available for Shinkansen and other JR trains around the country.

Click here for more information on Japan Rail Passes.

Venue Access

The 24-28 February APRICOT Workshop venue is in the JR Hakata City building above JR Hakata Station (5 min. by subway from the airport; 5 min. walk from the station area hotels).

The 2-6 March APRICOT/APAN/APNIC Conference venue is Fukuoka International Congress Center (FICC) which is reached on foot (10-15 min.) from Nakasu Kawabata subway station or by bus (#99 or #88; 12 min.; 190 JPY) from in front of JR Hakata Station.

The map below shows each of the six official hotels, the airport, the two venues and the bus stop in front of Hakata Station bound for the FICC venue.

APRICOT-APAN 2015 Venue and Hotel Map

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