eCulture Working Group Session
Chair : Chair: Faridah Noor Mohd Noor [faridahn AT]
Co-Chairs: Goo, Boncheol [mgtech AT]
Andrew Howard [andrew.howard AT]
Members : eCulture mailing list, all presenters and attendees of past eCulture BoF and WG meetings.
Objectives : eCulture is an interdisciplinary collaboration that is connected to other APAN contents. Areas covered contribute to the betterment of humankind and include culture, contemporary politics, economics and social issues. It calls for participation from the academy, industry and government to discuss eCulture activities with the purpose of sharing cultural content and knowledge to promote, exchange and archive past and present tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
Target Audience : Culture enthusiasts, museum curators and developers, digital archival experts, educators, librarians, anthropologists, historians, e-learning and cultural content developers, performers (dance, song, musical, theatre, etc.) and cultural industries.
Expected Number of Participants : 30 - 40
Agenda :
Session 01
09.00 - 10.30
Chairperson: Prof Goo, KAIST
Opening remarks - Faridah Noor, Chair
Topic: Collaborations, Networks and Technical Updates
Paper 1: Prof. Kwangyun Wohn, Graduate School of Culture Technology(GSCT), KAIST, Korea.

From Culture Technology to eCulture - (Presentation

Paper 2: Faridah Noor Mohd Noor, University of Malaya, Malaysia

eCulture Workshop as an Awareness Tool for Youths on Sustainability
An innovative way to engage campus youths to grasp the concept of sustainability is by means of a youth workshop using eCulture as a tool. In March 2012 an eCulture workshop was conducted for this present aim. The workshop was hosted by the University of Malaya's UM Environmental Secretariat (UMCares). This unit, parked under the Chancellery of the University of Malaya, aims to move the UM campus towards a sustainable campus through its awareness programmes on the enculturation of green and sustainable principles such as Environmental Awareness, Air, Energy, Water, Waste and Sustainability Group to fulfil the spirit of "UM Environment I Care!". This workshop's target was to encourage participating UM students to digitally record features of their campus that represent the essence of a sustainable campus. Six teams representing 11 participating colleges of the University of Malaya took part in a highly-charged 3-day digit workshop and worked in teams to capture and record what they see to comply with UM's move towards a sustainable campus in the very near future. Participants were engaged in a digital culture workshop with hands-on computer training sessions. At the end of the workshop, each team successfully produced a 10-minute video on various themes including saving energy and water as well as minimizing waste generation. The self-assessment reported that participants have satisfactorily gained ICT skills for life-long learning. In conclusion, the eCulture videos documented the UM campus as seen through the eyes of these university youths.

Paper 3: Prof BC Goo, KAIST, Korea, & Co-Chair of eCulture WG

An Evolving Cyber Performance of eCulture WG of APAN - (Presentation)
In this talk, I will introduce the cyber performance "Dancing Across Oceans II: Good-bye Mr. Tom" comparing the basic concept with last cyber performances in Chiang Mai and New Delhi. Then we will be able to start a discussion of the upcoming cyber performance in Hawaii, USA,.

Session 03
11.00 - 12.30
Chairperson: Assoc Prof. Dr. Faridah Noor Mohd Noor
eCulture WG Meeting
Updates by Heads of Taskforce teams
  1. eCulture Performance Taskforce - Cyber Performance post-mortem and technical meeting - DY Kim, BuSeong Cho, BC Goo and Andrew Howard
  2. Planning for 35th APAN Meeting
  3. Other matters
Remarks : Please arrange for:
  1. Video conference facility
  2. Classroom - style seating arrangement (with connections to internet and power supply for laptops)
  3. Sound system for demos and videos

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