SIP workshop / workshop / Unified Communications Working Group meeting
Chairman : Bill Efthimiou
Members : Co-chair: C. W. Tan
SIP peering coordinator: Nimal Ratnayake
Objectives :

SIP workshop: The objective of the workshop is to provide NREN representatives with the technical knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to set up their own SIP communication infrastructure, and to encourage them to peer with the APAN SIP peering service. The objective of the workshop is to walk participants through, what ENUM is, what is and how can it be used by the R&E community.

Unified Communications Working Group meeting: For working group members to discuss current and future activities of the working group.

Target Audience : Staff responsible for multimedia/Unified Communication solutions / equipment of APAN member organizations. Any institution who is interested in peering with the APAN SIP peering service. Anyone who is interested in contributing ideas around any aspect of Unified Communications.
Expected Number of Participants : 30
Agenda : Presentations (morning, Monday 27th, August, 2012)

  1. 9:00AM Welcome to the APAN Unified Communications Working group. (Bill Efthimiou: 10 minutes) - (Presentation)
    1. What has changed since the SIP Working Group
    2. The vision for seamless and ubiquitous video calling from anywhere to anywhere
  2. 9:10AM Internet 2. Internet2 Video services and Global Efforts on Video Collaboration. (Ben Fineman, via video 30 minutes)
  3. 9:40AM AARNet. Where is AARNet with respect to Unified Communications, as an enterprise. (Bill Efthimiou: 20 minutes) - (Presentation)
  4. 10:00AM AARNet. Where is AARNet with respect to Unified Communications as a Service provider/NREN? (Bill Efthimiou: 30 minutes) - (Presentation)
  5. 11:00AM AARNet. Introducing the AARNet TelePresence eXchange (Don Mackintosh, via video: 30 minutes) - (Presentation)
  6. 11:30AM Presentation by Hong Kong University, by voice over. (30 minutes) - (Presentation)
  7. 12:00PM NIIF, Hungary. A European perspective on (MESZAROS Mihaly, via video 30 minutes) - (Presentation)

Workgroup Meeting (afternoon, Monday 27th, August, 2012)

Commence: 2:00PM
Conclude: 3:30PM

  1. Round table Member Introduction.
    1. Update about current status of services.
    2. Are you connected to the APAN SIP-Peering service, if not what is stopping you and how can we assist?
  2. APAN SIP-Peering update.
    1. Who is connected?
    2. The benefits.
    3. How can we get more NRENs involved and connected?
    4. APAN SIP-Peering vs How can they and should they co-exist?
  3. Ideas for other projects
    1. Centralised protocol Interworking service (H.323/SIP/XMPP)?
    2. APAN Educational Services:
      1. Online SIP how-tos
      2. vendor presentations
      3. vendor training
    3. Other ideas?
  4. Help with maintaining the APAN UC WG webpage.
  5. Other business?

Workshop (Tuesday 28th, August, 2012)

Commence: 09:00AM
Conclude: 5:00PM or earlier

  • An outline of the workshop can be found here:
  • Workshop Objectives are very much focused around Project 1(
    • Introduction to SIP (Bill Efthimiou) - (Presentation 1) - (Presentation 2)
    • What are the steps you need to take to join the APAN SIP peering service. (Nimal Ratnayake)
    • Configuring a SIP country server based on Kamailio (OpenSER) for APAN-SIP and ENUM. (Nimal Ratnayake)
    • Installing and configuring ENUM/DNS server using Unbuntu server. (Bill Efthimiou)
    • What are the steps you need to take to join (Bill Efthimiou) - (Presentation)
    • Configuring Cisco CUBE for APAN-SIP service and ENUM. (Bill Efthimiou)
    • Best Practice: Enterprise SIP server, Country SIP server, Enterprise SBC (CUBE), Country SBC (CUBE) config....

Remarks : Video Conferencing Facility

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