Sensor Network Working Group meeting
Chairman : Chair: Eui-Nam Huh
Co-Chairs: Basuki Suhardiman
Borhanuddin Bin Mohd Ali
Members : Tokihiro Fukatsu
Prawit Chertchom
Objectives : At the workshop we have some initial presentations to describe current activities, and then some general discussion on sensor network, especially IoT(Internet of Things) challenges, and promote collaboration among the APAN members.
WG meeting will elect (update) WG Chairs.
Target Audience : Open for all, especially the IoT researchers and SN users on many fields such as agriculture, military, disaster, and bio-inspired system.
Expected Number of Participants : 40 ~ 50
Agenda : 11:00-12:30 SN WG meeting
Session Chair:
Eui-Nam Huh
  • Election of Chairs and Secretary
  • Change WG name or Change Charter
  • Establish 3 Year WG Plan
  • APAN35 Hawaii Program (Joint WG)
14:00-15:30 SN WG Session 1
Session Chair:
Basuki Suhardiman
  • Yuuichi Teranishi, NICT, Japan/Osaka University, Japan, "Federated Sensor Network Platform on Future Network" - (Presentation)
  • Eui-Nam Huh, Kyung Hee Univ. Korea, "Reliable Transmission on WSN"
16:00-17:30 SN WG Session 2
Session Chair:
Yuuichi Teranishi
  • Gerwin Guba , ASTI ,Philippines, "Use of sensor networks to aid in disaster alert efforts in the Philippines" - (Presentation)
  • Tetsuo Toyomura, NICT, Japan. "Service-Controlled Networking for Programmable On-demand Sensor Networks"
Remarks :

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