APAN Network Research Workshop
Chairman : Dr. JongWon Kim
Members :
Objectives : Please refer to APAN-NRW web page for details: http://www.apan.net/NRW2012
The APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) Network Research Workshop 2012 (APAN-NRW 2012), to be held as a part of the 34th APAN Colombo Meeting, will be the ninth event in the series (started from 2004 Cairns Meeting). Graduate students and researchers from Asia-Pacific and elsewhere gather in this one-day forum to discuss their work in progress and visions for research activities. The goal of this event is to provide the venue for exchanging research ideas and best practices in the broad field of realistic network and application research, covering network technology, network applications, and network management and operation.
This workshop solicits long and short papers with a broad scope in network areas. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:
  1. Network technology: wireless & mobile networks, optical networks, future network technology, ad hoc and sensor networks, delay and disruption-tolerant networks, Future Internet, cloud computing infrastructure, and others.
  2. Network management and operation: network security, traffic measurement, performance analysis, energy-aware network management and control, and others.
  3. Networked applications: distributed networked applications, ubiquitous computing technology, grid/cloud computing applications, immersive media applications, and others.
  4. E-culture, e-health, e-science applications: advanced/unified collaboration environments, cyber networked performance, e-health & remote medical activities, e-science infrastructure and applications, social science with Internet, and others.
Message from Chair : Welcome to the APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) Network Research Workshop 2012 (APAN-NRW 2012), to be held as a part of the 34th APAN Colombo Meeting. On behalf of the workshop committee, we would like to convey my appreciation to all authors for participating and contributing valuable works in this meeting. APAN-NRW 2012 aims to meet the demands of the academia and practitioners from related industries, in discussing the latest issues and progresses in the area of advanced network research including Future Internet. This year we received 24 submissions and accepted 11 (9 Regular and 2 Short) papers out of them. Each paper was extensively reviewed by more than three TPC (Technical Program Committee) members. As the goal of APAN-NRW is to be a nurturing platform for budding researches, we put much effort in encouraging promising practical ideas. Also, we would like to thank all members of workshop committee for their sincere and timely effort. The success of APAN-NRW would be impossible without their valuable help.

JongWon Kim, APAN-NRW 2012 Chair
August 2012
Target Audience : Network Researchers and Students
Expected Number of Participants : 20 ~ 40
Agenda : Opening (9:00~9:10) by APAN-NRW Chair (JongWon Kim, GIST, Korea)
Session #1 (9:10~10:40): Programmable Networking (Session Chair: JongWon Kim, GIST, Korea)
Session #2 (11:00~12:30): Network Security and Mobility (Session Chair: Yasuichi Kitamura, NICT, Japan) Session #3 (14:00~15:30): Networked Applications (Session Chair: Wang-Cheol Song, Jeju Univ., Korea)
Remarks : Videoconference support for remote presenters

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