Global Collaborations Workshop
Chair : Jacqueline Brown, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Pacific Wave
Members :
Objectives : This workshop highlights the collaborations among research and education networks around the world as well as the services provided and the scientific and other collaborations they foster and support.
Target Audience : Network executives and engineers, researchers, general APAN audience.
Expected Number of Participants : 40 - 50
Agenda : Speakers:

  • David Lassner, University of Hawaii

    Bringing R&E Networking to the Pacific Islands - (Presentation)

  • Steve Wolff, Internet2

    The 4th Paradigm and Global Networking - (Presentation)

  • Dr Nilar Thein, Rector, University of Computer Studies (Yangon), Ministry of Science and Technology

    Research and Education Networking in Myanmar

  • Greg Cole, Principal Investigator, GLORIAD

    GLORIAD: A Decentralized, Shared Model for Building and Cooperatively Managing Global Science and Education Cyberinfrastructure - (Presentation)
    The Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD) is a network-enabled ecosystem providing advanced collaborative services to scientists, educators and students around the world. Its evolution since the late 1990s will be briefly described - with a focus on core principles, architecture, services, public/private partners and future plans - and will include an update on the GLORIAD/Taj initiative and the new "GLORIAD in Africa" program. Special attention will be placed on its decentralized model of operations and governance - and the case made for how this serves the purpose of fostering the continuous, flexible, community-driven innovation required for modern science infrastructure. Specific themes will include:

    1. the critical need for developing StarLight-type exchanges around the world for enabling a more open and dynamic environment for global networking;
    2. the key value of the GLIF in fostering a global culture for sharing both resources and genuinely open dialog;
    3. GLORIAD's new model of measurement and monitoring to transition from the old paradigm of networks as "links and services" to a global, shared fabric of infrastructure focused on addressing individual customer needs for services and performance; and
    4. how GLORIAD is beginning to leverage modern social media technologies for shared planning and operations.

Remarks :

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