List of Research & Education Networks -draft 2.0



 1. Asia-Pacific

1.0 Regional Network

AI3  (Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives Project)

APII  (Asia Pacific Information Infrastructure)

APAN (Asia-Pacific Advanced Network )   /

TEIN  (Trans Eurasia Information Network)


1.1 North Asia

1.1.1 China

CERNET (China Education & Research NET)



1.1.2 Hong Kong

 HARNET (The Hong Kong Academic and Research NETwork)

1.1.3 Japan

JGN   (Japan Gigabit Network)  

IMNET (Inter-Ministry NET)

SINET (Science Information Network)

WIDE  (Widely Integrated Distributed Environment)

1.1.4 Korea

KOREN (Korean Advanced Research Network)

KREN   (Korean Education Network)

KREONET2  (Korea Research Environment Open NETwork)

1.1.5 Mongolia

ERDEMNET (ERDEMNET ISP; Computer Science Management School of MTU; P.O.Box - 313, Postal code - 210349; Ulaanbaatar - 49, Mongolia; MN)    * under construction

1.1.6 Taiwan

TANet   (Taiwan Academic Network)

TANet2   (Taiwan Research Network)  

NBEN (National Broadband Experimental Network)

1.2 South Asia

1.2.1 Bangladesh

(BUET)  (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

1.2.2 India

ERNET  (Education and Research Network)

1.2.3 Pakistan

PERN  (Pakistan Educational and Research Network)

1.2.4 Srilanka

 LEARN (The Lanka Education And Research Network)

1.3 SoutheastAsia

1.3.1 Indonesia

(ITB)  (Institute of Technology Bandung)

1.3.2 Malaysia


TEMAN (Testbed Environment for Malaysian Multimedia Applications and Networking))

1.3.3 Philippines

PREGINET (Philippines Research, Education and Government Information Network)

1.3.4 Singapore

SINGAREN   (Singapore Advanced Research & Education Network)

1.3.5 Thailand

ThaiSARN (The National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) setup a national-wide network called ThaiSARN )

UniNet  (Inter-University Network)

1.3.6 Vietnam

(IOIT)   (Institute of Inforamation Technology)

1.4 West Asia

1.4.1 Iran

 IRAnet   (Iranian Research and Academic NETwork)

1.4.2 Israel

IUCC   (Israel InterUniversity Computation Center)

1.4.3 Jordan

(NIC)  (National Information Center)  

1.4.4 Lebanon

(NCSR)    (NorthWest Center for Sustainable Resources)

1.4.5 PalestinianAuthority

(GCC)   (Government Computer Center)

1.4.6 Syrian Arab Republic

(HIAST)  (High Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology)  

 SHERN  (Syrian Higher Education and Research Network)

1.4.7 Turkey

ULAKBIM    (Turkish National Academic Network & Information Center)

1.5 Central Asia

1.5.1 Kazakhstan

KazRENA  * Under Construction

1.5.2 Kyrgzstan

KNET (Kyrgyz Sesimic Network)

1.5.3 Tajikistan

TARENA (Tajik academician research and educational network)

1.5.4 Uzbekistan  

UzSciNet   (Scientific and educational network of Uzbekistan)

1.6 Pacific

1.6.1 Australia

AARNET (Australia's Research and Education Network)

2.  Europe

2.0 Regional Network

DANTE  (Connecting Europe Research)


GEANT (network for southeast europe)

Nordunet  (the Nordic Internet highway to research and education networks)

Terena (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association)

Virtual Silk Highway (network for europe-latin america)

2.1 Albania

ANAt (Albanian Academic Network)  * under construction

2.2 Austria

ACOne  (Austrian Academic Computer Network)

2.3 Azerbaijan

(OSI-AF/AzNET) (Open Society Insitute - Assistance Foundation / Azerbaijan)

2.4 Belgium

BELNET (The Belgian National Research Network)

2.5 Belarus

NCIRT/BASNET  Research-Engineering Republican Unitary Enterprise "National Centre of Information Resources and Technologies

2.6 Bosnia and Herzegowina

BIHARNET (Academic and Research Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

2.7 Croatia

ARNet (Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet)

2.8 Cyprus


2.9 Denmark

UNI-C  (UNI-C, Forskningsnettet)

2.10 Estonia

EENet (Estonian Educational.and Research Network)

2.11 Finland

FUNET (Finnish University and Research Network)

2.12 France

RENATER   (GIP RENATER National Telecommunication network for Technology, Education and Research)

2.13 Germany

DFN  (Deasches Forschungsnetz)

2.14 Georgia

GRENA (Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association)

2.15 Greece

GRNET (Greek Research and Technology Network)  

2.16 Hungary

 HUNGARNET (Hungarian Academic and Research Network Association) or

2.17 Ireland

 HEAnet  (HEAnet Limited)

2.18 Iceland

RHnet (Icelandic University and Research Network Ltd. (RHnet)

2.19 Italy

GARR (The Italian Academic and Research Network)

2.20 Latvia

UL DoIT (LANET) (Department of Information Technology University of Latvia) http:''
LATNET (Department of Latvia University Institute of Mathematics and Computer sciences)

2.21 Lithuania

LITNET (Lithuanian Academic and Research Network)

2.22 Luxembourg

RESTENA (National Network for Education and Research)

2.23 Malta

(University of Malta)

2.24 Moldova

RENAM (Research and Educational Network Association of Moldova)

2.25 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of

MARNet (Macedonian Academic and Research Network)

2.26 Netherland

SURFnet (national computer network for higher education and research in the Netherlands)

2.27 Norway


2.28 Poland

(PSNC)   (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre)

2.29 Portugal

(FCCN)   (Foundation for National Scientific Computing)

2.30 Romania

RoEduNet   (Office for Administration and Operation of Data Communication Infrastructure "RoEduNet")

2.31 Russian Federation

RBnet   (Russian Backbone Network)

RUNnet  (The Internet in Russia)

Freenet   (Academic and Research Network FREEnet)

2.32 Serbia and Montenegro

AMREJ (Yugoslav Academic And Research Network)

2.33 Slovakia

SANET (SANET - Association of users of Slovak Academic data NETwork)

2.34 Slovenia