Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Consortium (APAN)


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Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Consortium (APAN)

1. Objective

2. Network Evolution : Spiral

3. Topology

4. Usage

5. International Domestic

6. Activities

6.1 High Speed Networking

6.2 Intercontinental Link

6.3 Continental Connectivity

6.4 Research & Development Collaboration

6.5 Virtual Community Development

6.6 Human Resource Development

7. Schedule

8. Finance

9. Members

10. Global Advanced Research Networks

Appendix A: Bibliography

Appendix B APAN Network Topology

Appendix B1 : APAN Link Information

Appendix C: Working Groups

Appendix D: Sample Bandwidth Allocation

Appendix E: Relationship between APAN, Testbed and the Internet

Appendix F: Members

Appendix G: APAN Organization and People

written by : Kilnam Chon

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