Memorandum of Understanding






Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Consortium (APAN)




Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI)












 Dated:  _________________   ________, 2003


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Memorandum of Understanding between Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) and Advanced Science and Technology Institute of the Philippines to jointly collaborate and participate in major regional and international activities organized by APAN and its members.





Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) is the high-performance network consortium founded in June 1996 by four founding member countries:, Australia, Japan, Korea and Singapore.  The objective of APAN is to facilitate and coordinate the development, deployment, operation and technology transfer of advanced network based applications and services in the research and education community of the Asia-Pacific region.


The Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) is an attached agency of the Philippinesí» Department of Science and Technology, established in 1987 through Executive Order No. 128.  The objective of the organization is to conduct scientific research and development in the advanced fields of studies including Communications Engineering, Microelectoronics and Information Technology.







1.       APAN coordinate the operation of high-speed network in the Asia-Pacific region to serve the education and research institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.


2.    ASTI is the ICT and microelectronics research and development institute of the Philippinesí»s Department of Science and Technology. ASTI manages the research and education network called Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET). PREGINET has been connected to APAN through the APAN link to the Philippines that is funded by Japaní»s MAFFIN.  ASTI seeks to formalize and strengthen its participation in APAN and related activities by becoming a member of APAN.


3.    APAN and ASTI wish to further promote their respective objectives by providing for appropriate collaborations and interconnections among their members.





Therefore, APAN and ASTI agree to the following principles:



1.  To participate and promote the activities relating the development and deployment of next-generation networking applications and services in research and education;


2.  To collaborate with each other in promoting and encouraging the interconnection of advanced networks and the deployment of next-generation Internet technology and applications;


3.  For ASTI to become an APAN Member and submit APAN the membership fee, on a calendar year basis, applicable to the ASTIí»s membership category. 


ASTIí»s APAN Membership Category:              Associate Member

The annual membership fee:                             US$1,000.-


The annual membership fee applicable to the membership category may be changed from time to time.  Notice of any such change will be given to all Members before implementation.


4.  Unless and until the parties mutually agree otherwise in writing, each party will be responsible for its own costs, fees and expenses incurred in connection with the transactions contemplated under this MoU, including but not limited to the negotiation and execution of the definitive documents.





THIS AGREEMENT is made this ___________________day of ________________, 2003.



For the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN)                                   




Dr. Kilnam Chon

Chair, APAN Member Committee




For the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI)




Dr. Delfin Jay M. Sabido IX