APAN Meeting Site Survey Form

Last modified by kyoko day on March 21, 2003



Possible Location:                               _______              Date of site visit:                                                               


q      Accessibility from major cities in other countries

q      Accessibility from the airport, type of transportation-shuttle, and its cost

q      Climate /whether for the time of year

q      Ambiance of the site – that our members feel comfortable

q      Availability of other facilities

q      Availability of cultural or sports activities

q      Tours, before, during, and after the event

q      Projected number of attendees and the size of facilities            

q      Availability of dates                                 

q      Overall cost


Financial Factors:


q      Type of financial arrangement – credit cared or wire transfer for ie deposit

q      Complimentary meeting rooms based on food and sleeping room consumption (apply to regular hotel)

q      Offer off-season or shoulder rate (if regular hotel)

q      Rates different on weekdays/weekends (if regular hotel)

q      Deposit required – organization or individual guest, how much                      by when                     

q      Guarantee the room rates

q      Policy on late arrivals and no-shows

q      Type of currency accepted

q      Which credit card

q      Purchase order acceptable

q      Cancellation policy

q      Insurance requirement

q      Responsibility for property damage by organizer

q      Special charge for utilities (electricity, light, labor, airconditioning)

q      Expected ad-ons such as additional amenities with additional cost


Network Access Facility and Capacity:

(what is the minimum requirement for APAN meeting?)


Meeting Rooms:


q      One Conference room with capacity for (e.g. 150-200)

q      ___ meeting rooms with capacity for ?

q      ____meeting rooms with capacity for ?

The above depends on the program.


q      Meeting rooms at level ?                    

q      Easy to find rooms

q      Floor plan of the location

q      Physical layout - spacious

q      Size of rooms - large enough to hold plenary session

q      Types of rooms – classroom style, conference style, and board room setting, U-shape, etc.

q      Number and availability of different type of rooms for other ad-hoc or side meetings

q      Removable walls and sound proof from adjacent room and foyer

q      Power capacity and power outlet

q      Registration site - spacious, visibility for registration desk, information desk, and message board

q      Location of signage - clear and visible

q      Availability of electric outlet for plugging laptops

q      Possibility of hanging banners

q      Possibility of hanging posters (for signs on the wall/doors, if needed)

q      Table with at least ? chairs in the front

q      Telephone connectivity in one of the small room for telephone conference



Audio Visual Equipment:


q      At least ? stand up Microphones for conference room

q      At least ? lapel for conference room

q      Each room with white board in every room with markers

q      Projector with a laser pointer

q      Large screens for conference room, preferably



If we need to provide, Terminal Room:


q      Large enough to hold ? users

q      Internet connectivity, at least ?Mbps, ideally ? Mbps - also accessible from the Secretariat Room

q      ? PCs with a floppy disk drive

q      at least ? Ethernet connections for laptops

q      Routers and Hubs for LAN and WAN

q      Wireless facility

q      Security for the terminal room



Secretariat Room:


q      Large enough to hold ? people (and a  copy machine?)

q      Internet Connection

q      One large table with ? chairs



Catering: ( I doní»t think this applies to APAN meeting)


q      Vegetarian, Halal meat

q      Availability of ethnic food and selection

q      Complimentary meeting room if we order food/beverages (if held at regular hotel)



Past History:


q      Check others who used the site

q      Who manage the property

q      Other events or conference that might affect ours





q      Total rooms available

q      Types of room available and prices

q      Early arrivals prior to the event

q      Internet connection from room

q      Plug and adapter

q      Level of service by hotel staff such as bell, front desk, and consierge – polite and efficient

q      No-smoking rooms

q      Check-in and checkout time and arrivals in the early morning



Site Personnel:


q      ? local staff and need to provide orientation for site personnel

q      Level of service by conference/hotel staff – polite and efficient



Public Areas and Facilities:


q      Enough elevator to handle movement of participants, especially for a handicapped participant

q      Sign to the meeting rooms and welcoming signs

q      Hallways - large

q      Public washrooms





q      Site personnel safety conscious

q      Each room has smoke alarm/sprinkler system

q      Working fire alarm

q      Evacuation procedure

q      Exits clearly marked

q      Type of room key and security

q      Safe deposit boxes in individual room or at the front desk

q      Maintain 24 hour security

q      Physician

q      Nearest medical facility

q      Personnel trained in CPR





q      Planning any construction or remodeling nearby

q      Other activities booked at the same time

q      Possible social event ______________________ or ______________________

q      Tax requirements in the country (if APAN collects registration fee and if surplus is made)