Event Committee Operating Principles and Procedures

7.1.1 The scope of Event Committee ("the Committee") is a site selection in regard to APAN Member Meeting and other APAN related events, such as conference, seminar, workshop, and tutorial.

7.1.2 APAN Chair recommends the Event Committee members and obtain an approval by the committee.

7.1.3 The committee shall comprise of the following: 1 Chair; 1 Vice-Chair; and a few the Members. The chair and vice-chair are elected by the members of the Committee, and requires an approval by APAN Committee.

7.1.4 The Chairman shall be responsible for the activities of the Committee.

7.1.5 The term for the Members shall be the same as that of APAN Committee.

7.1.6 A procedure of selecting an APAN Event site shall be developed separately.

7.1.7 APAN Committee Chair shall provide a financial assistance to those identified as an important APAN Event, if necessary.

7.1.8 In the event the Applicant gains a profit, a 10% of the profit shall be given to APAN Committee.

7.1.9 If a dispute arises, a solution should be sought among the parties involved first. In the event a dispute is not resolved in a reasonable time frame, APAN Chair upon consent of APAN Committee, shall act as an arbitrator.

7.1.10 This charter will take effect on -----.

7.1.11 The charter may be amended or dissolved by an affirmative vote of more than ?of the votes of the entire Membership.

7.1.12 The term of the initial members of the committee is the same as the APAN Committee and ends in Aug 2004.