Suhaimi Napis
Assoc. Prof. Dr Suhaimi Napis received his BSc (Biology) and MSc (Veterinary Immunobiology) from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA. He holds a Doctorate degree from the University of Durham, UK in the field of Plant Molecular Biology. He relies heavily on many bioinformatics tools to facilitate his research and managed to bring the first ever bioinformatics computing facility of Australian National Genomic Information Services (ANGIS) to Malaysia and was instrumental in the initiation of the formation of Malaysian Bioinformatics Network. He was involved at the initial stage of TEMAN Project and then TEMAN2; the initiative that mark the birth of MYREN. Apart from being the Director of Natural Resource Area, he also actively participate in working groups (WGs) including multimedia, agriculture, medical, distance learning, earth monitoring, sensor GRID and also High Definition TV (HDTV over IP). In MYREN, he is currently the Director of MYRENí»s "E-*" ("E-Star") or E-Research Area to promote and drive research and education over high-speed network for global collaboration. Apart from promoting and supporting science and engineering research, he is also involved in the Arts and Humanities especially in research activities on E-Culture and Heritage and Halal ICT. He represented MYREN in the formation of ASEAN Science and Technology Research and Education Network Alliance (ASTRENA) and also East Asia Bioinformation Network (EABN). He is also involved in the National Road Mapping exercises on both Grid computing and bioinformatics and Technopreneur Development Flagship. Currently, he is the CIO and Director of InfoComm Development Centre of Universiti Putra Malaysia and lectures at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences in Bioinformatics and Commercialization of Biotechnology courses.

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