Assoc. Prof. Shuji Shimizu
Associate Professor Department of Endoscopic Diagnostics Therapeutics
Kyushu University Hospital

Academic Degree: Medical Doctor

Field of Specialization: General Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Telemedicine

Outline Activities: Managing Department of Endoscopic Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Kyushu University Hospital as a dupty cheif, where about 10000 patients are treated annually.

Acting as a chief of medical team in next generation Intenet project between Korea-Japan, and a chairperson of Medical Working Group in Asia-Pacific Advanced Network. Transmission of live surgery or teleconference of medical fields are major activities. Cooperating with Core University Program and Kyushu University P&P project, we are actively expanding the network to other Asian Pacific countries.

Research Interests
* Telemedicine with gigabit network in Asia-Pacific regions
* Clinical study of endoscopic surgery

Current and Past Project
* Establishment of a collaboration research and education center for hamatopoietic disorders in Asia: Application of IT and medica technology in research and education of hematology
* Establishment of Asian medical network system using broadband Internet
* Integrated medical education by web-based training
* Research and development of next generation Internet
* Telecommunication between Korea and Japan on Internet protocol using submarine optic cable

Membership in Academic Society
* American Telemedicine Association
* Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association
* Japan Pancreas Society

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